Why This Tech Firm has Doubled Their Charitable Donations

The abundance of issues that the world is facing has resulted in a huge increase in the number of charitable donations that have come flooding in from numerous sources, the more profitable industries including technology have stood up to help support the world in the best way possible. Tech and software company Microsoft is just one of many high profile companies that do a great deal of charity work, taking their financial success and helping those in need by providing resources.


There is a real need for those who are fortunate enough to work in these large companies to step up and present ideas that can help those who aren’t so lucky. In recent years the amount of donations that charities are receiving is increasing, from social media influencers spreading the word to the general public’s generosity, anyone can get involved in raising money for these noble causes, and frankly, there isn’t an excuse not to. Microsoft particularly has shown how much of a positive effect charity work can have on the less fortunate, why not put something of your own in place to help others, maybe a bake sale or selling some kind of merchandise. T-shirts and wristbands are proven to be an effective stock to sell for charity, and personalized wristbands are available at sleekwristbands.


Microsoft has helped in the way of charity through many schemes and programs, below are some examples of the work they have done in order to help protect those who are most vulnerable.


Free Software

One way that tech giant Microsoft helps those in need is through a scheme offering free Microsoft Office Software to those who may otherwise be unable to access these useful tools. This program was created with the aim of helping those in deprived school areas and those getting started in the business. The Microsoft Office software is normally quite expensive when buying for multiple users, these document creating tools are useful in both education and business as they can be used to create documents for essays and homework, as well as business documents and invoices.


By recognizing that not everybody is able to afford Microsoft Office and giving away the software to those who would benefit greatly from it, it shows the truly generous nature of the company and reflects that they haven’t forgotten about the people they serve on a daily basis. This method of charity is arguably much more useful than monetary donations because it helps people with getting an education and with the process of getting a business set up. As opposed to money and resources this charity scheme helps improve lives and sets people up for future success.



This extremely successful tech business has definitely proven its generosity, as well as offering out amazing software there have been many donations to numerous charities all over the world that have come from Microsoft. The most notable donation being $142 million that was raised solely by Microsoft employees, and was donated to over 19000 nonprofit organizations. In total the current figure for the amount of money that Microsoft has donated to a range of charities is over $650 million since its founding in 1975, as well as all of the donated software mentioned in the previous point.


With such amazing charity donations, there is a question of why this tech company would go to so much effort, Microsoft’s philanthropies program manager commented recently at a conference, she started by commenting on how proud she was of the recent employee giving program. Their new program encouraged further charity work by matching its employee’s own donations and time spent working on charitable ideas. Microsoft has pledged to match the money every employee earns (up to $15000) and this amazing scheme raises money for a database of over 55000 charities and deprived schools which employees can choose to donate to, as well as this if there is a charity missing from the list, employees can apply to add it to the database.


It seems that Microsoft has really dived in headfirst in the quest to make the public’s life better, it is really nice to see such a profitable and successful business not only making staggering donations but also setting up numerous schemes of offering office software and encouraging staff to think about these extremely important causes. It is very unique that the employee giving scheme exists under a tech giant, I feel this scheme is much more meaningful compared to just making the donation. In terms of traditional charity work this scheme not only generates a lot of money but encourages Microsoft staff to really think about helping others. By allowing them the choice of the charity the money goes to it adds a real sentimental touch that every employee will be so hands-on.