The Four Biggest Tech Expos Coming in 2020

Tech expeditions are at an all-time high for popularity; this is amongst both company and consumer; as it is the chance for the world’s biggest companies to show off and highlight their new products or innovations. Ever since their heyday of the early 2010’s they have continued to expand and grow; and are just as extremely important and popular. Here are four expeditions I as a fan am personally extremely excited for.

Sony IFA

Though this event is sponsored by Sony it does still host a variety of the world’s biggest tech corporations; as they compete to show off the coolest new products in the Berlin-based convention center. This year however there will be a twist; due to the coronavirus the event was feared to be canceled, but it is managing to still go ahead, and well quite fittingly it will be held online. Tech firms at the event usually show off new laptops, smartwatches, phones, and another similar casual tech. It is not a particularly specialized event, but it does give the consumer an opportunity to see what some of the world’s biggest tech giants will have to offer over the calendar year.


E3 like the IFA conference is also taking place online in 2020, so not in its usual Anaheim convention center. E3 is an opportunity for companies to show off new games, films, and consoles. Over recent years we have seen exclusive announcements of both new X-Box’s and PS4’s. Though this announcement stream has slowed down recently; for gaming and cinema E3 is just as important as ever; as it has such a high exposure and is so well regarded amongst tech-heads. E3 has also become known for its film announcements with the at time new Avengers trailer debuting at the event. Which simply leered the eyes of film nerds on to E3 too. Now I am sure you are a smart cookie like me and use certain streaming sites to watch these films, but now couchtuner has been taken down I would check out digitalconnectmag’s couchtuner alternatives to find your new streaming site of choice.

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit aims to highlight tech that can increase a company’s workforce productivity and just general efficiency. This event receives particular interest from larger corporations as they are always looking for ways to increase productivity. The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit claims on their website that they aim to transform the employee experience, technology and application strategies, effective program management for the digital workplace, and powering the future of work. As this highlights this expo is more for the corporation than the general consumer; as it looks to offer real-world solutions; but is still important none the less.

Adope Summit

The 2020 Adope Summit has been running for over a decade and this year it will also be held virtually, but the main virtual hosting arena will be in London, England. In 2019 the Adope summit hosted over 16 000 industry leaders and motivational speakers. The Adope summit is seen as the premier event for digital marketing; offering insight on marketing trends and future innovation. Again, this event is probably more for the industry insider than the casual. The event is really brilliant though for anyone just starting out in the industry as it can really give you the opportunity to learn with and make inroads with established figures.

Looks like the Coronavirus pandemic could not spoil everything in 2020 we still have our expeditions!