Why This Tech Firm has Doubled Their Charitable Donations

The abundance of issues that the world is facing has resulted in a huge increase in the number of charitable donations that have come flooding in from numerous sources, the more profitable industries including technology have stood up to help support the world in the best way possible. Tech and software company Microsoft is just one of many high profile companies that do a great deal of charity work, taking their financial success and helping those in need by providing resources.


There is a real need for those who are fortunate enough to work in these large companies to step up and present ideas that can help those who aren’t so lucky. In recent years the amount of donations that charities are receiving is increasing, from social media influencers spreading the word to the general public’s generosity, anyone can get involved in raising money for these noble causes, and frankly, there isn’t an excuse not to. Microsoft particularly has shown how much of a positive effect charity work can have on the less fortunate, why not put something of your own in place to help others, maybe a bake sale or selling some kind of merchandise. T-shirts and wristbands are proven to be an effective stock to sell for charity, and personalized wristbands are available at sleekwristbands.


Microsoft has helped in the way of charity through many schemes and programs, below are some examples of the work they have done in order to help protect those who are most vulnerable.


Free Software

One way that tech giant Microsoft helps those in need is through a scheme offering free Microsoft Office Software to those who may otherwise be unable to access these useful tools. This program was created with the aim of helping those in deprived school areas and those getting started in the business. The Microsoft Office software is normally quite expensive when buying for multiple users, these document creating tools are useful in both education and business as they can be used to create documents for essays and homework, as well as business documents and invoices.


By recognizing that not everybody is able to afford Microsoft Office and giving away the software to those who would benefit greatly from it, it shows the truly generous nature of the company and reflects that they haven’t forgotten about the people they serve on a daily basis. This method of charity is arguably much more useful than monetary donations because it helps people with getting an education and with the process of getting a business set up. As opposed to money and resources this charity scheme helps improve lives and sets people up for future success.



This extremely successful tech business has definitely proven its generosity, as well as offering out amazing software there have been many donations to numerous charities all over the world that have come from Microsoft. The most notable donation being $142 million that was raised solely by Microsoft employees, and was donated to over 19000 nonprofit organizations. In total the current figure for the amount of money that Microsoft has donated to a range of charities is over $650 million since its founding in 1975, as well as all of the donated software mentioned in the previous point.


With such amazing charity donations, there is a question of why this tech company would go to so much effort, Microsoft’s philanthropies program manager commented recently at a conference, she started by commenting on how proud she was of the recent employee giving program. Their new program encouraged further charity work by matching its employee’s own donations and time spent working on charitable ideas. Microsoft has pledged to match the money every employee earns (up to $15000) and this amazing scheme raises money for a database of over 55000 charities and deprived schools which employees can choose to donate to, as well as this if there is a charity missing from the list, employees can apply to add it to the database.


It seems that Microsoft has really dived in headfirst in the quest to make the public’s life better, it is really nice to see such a profitable and successful business not only making staggering donations but also setting up numerous schemes of offering office software and encouraging staff to think about these extremely important causes. It is very unique that the employee giving scheme exists under a tech giant, I feel this scheme is much more meaningful compared to just making the donation. In terms of traditional charity work this scheme not only generates a lot of money but encourages Microsoft staff to really think about helping others. By allowing them the choice of the charity the money goes to it adds a real sentimental touch that every employee will be so hands-on.

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5 Family Friendly Apps to Liven up Any Party

It is true that it has been a while since we’ve all partied, given the pandemic, but it’s not like family gatherings will never come back. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, a wedding, or a birthday, we will soon one day be dancing with our loved ones the same way we did before. Personally, I can’t wait for this, as it has been months since I’ve had the opportunity to have a special moment with a friend or family member that wasn’t over Skype. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long!

However, the truth is that there can be dull moments even at the best of parties. Sometimes people aren’t in the right mood, sometimes an awkward situation occurs that nobody knows how to resolve, sometimes there are new guests who aren’t as similar to the usual crowd. It is times like these when a bit of help is needed to get the party going, and usually, this makes us turn to games like monopoly or truth or dare, which are great in their own right but can’t be played forever. Thankfully there are also many apps on the market that are great at transforming the atmosphere of a party from tense to laidback and relaxed. In this sense, technology hasn’t just provided us with a means of communication during these dire times, but also ways to have fun while in quarantine and beyond. With this in mind, here are 5 great family-friendly apps you can use to liven up any party, whether it’s a small one with the few family members you’re isolating with now or a big one in the future which I’m sure we’ll have when this all over.

Heads Up

You can probably guess what this one involves by the name. Created by talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up involves placing your phone on your head, with your phone displaying a name, as your family members try to show you using body gestures what that name is. The competitiveness comes from the fact that there is a timer that will run out if you don’t guess the name of the person. I say, person, as it will usually be a famous person, but it could also be an animal or a place. It could even be a silly accent, though this may want to be avoided if older grandparents are playing as this can cause arguments when they inevitably take it a step too far.


If monopoly has failed to cause a family argument if sufficient proportion, then perhaps Bloop is the game to try to get the competitive spirit out of your family members. Designed mainly for large phones and tablets, Bloop is a rapid touch game in which players must tap their individual color tiles as fast as possible while they move, all at the same time. Fingers will clash, hands will collide, and maybe become fists if parent control isn’t applied!

Bluff Wars

As the name suggests, Bluff Wars is a game of lies. While it may seem lighthearted, it basically relies on how well you and your opponent can lie, which can cause some tension. That being said, it really is just a bit of fun for the most part that up to 6 family members can play.
Reverse Charades

This one is an absolute goldie. I’m sure you know the classic game of Charades, usually played by drunken family members on Christmas, but I bet you’ve never heard of Reverse Charades. In this game, one single person has to guess different words as they are acted out by the entire family, rather than everyone trying to guess what one person is acting out. Imagine your friends all trying to act out Lord of the Rings at the same time and you’ll see why this app has gotten so popular.

Sketch Party

Sketch Party is essentially a convenient form of Pictionary which can be transferred from your phone to an Apple TV, making the classic game a little less intense as you can just lounge on the sofa as if you’re watching TV while playing.

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[UPDATE: CHANGES] Apple releases iOS 5 beta 3 to developers

iOS beta

iOS 5 beta 3 released to developers by Apple

Apple has seeded iOS 5 beta 3 for registered developers. The build number of iOS 5 beta 3 is 9A5259f. In addition to this, a new iTunes 10.5 beta has been released, too, for Mac OS X by Apple.

You should remain tuned for the updates. The beta is being installed on our mobile gadget by us right now.


Here, are the changes that we’ve found in this version:

  1. Now the user can enable as well as disable the location services from the initial setup itself.
  2. The user has got the choice to enable or disable the system services which are going to have the location services.
  3. You can now know which version has been installed by you from the software update.
  4. Voice Roaming has been added.
  5. In the Safari settings, the users have got back the option to clear cookies as well as data.
  6. In the Safari preferences, the user will get a new and advanced menu.
  7. The iTunes wifi sync has got a new name.
  8. If we look from an initial standpoint, we’ll see that the entire beta version has just got way snappier. There were a large number of bugs that have been addressed as well as fixed, and the performance has also been improved.
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How Mobile Gaming has Changed the Gaming World

Anyone could agree that the evolution of mobiles over the last decade has been remarkable. We have gone from phones with no other purpose than to call and text, to carrying around devices with the power of a laptop in our pockets every day.

The average phone these days are even more powerful than the average laptop and is capable of a long line of tasks. Because of the improvement of the power of phones, they have managed to break into the gaming world at full force. Here is how mobile gaming has changed the gaming world.

The Power of Mobile

Now, games have always been available to play on phones. These games have always been straightforward games that don’t require too much power, the perfect example of this is the classic game Snake that I’m sure everyone has had the chance to play.

As devices have got more powerful, developers have started to really push the kind of games that they can make. The average phone games these days are more comparable with games from classic consoles, which really shows how far technology has gone.

For the past few years, there has been the debate of whether or not mobile gamers can be considered gamers and with the ever-increasing difficulty of new games on the market, it’s hard to argue that they’re not. Mobile games have become more than puzzles and repetitive clicking, they actually require a level of strategy.

A lot of games on mobile are now PVP, so they take quite a bit of thought.  When it comes to some games you have to be able to differentiate between character selection and choose the best heroes to focus on.

The use of mobile gaming has also made the world of gaming more inclusive than it has ever been.  To game in the past you would either need to invest in a pricey gaming computer or a console. For some people, these costs just aren’t reasonable for their lifestyles as they would have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the console, they also have to fork out the costs for all of the games.

Mobile gaming only comes with the cost of your phone, which you most likely have already,  and mobile games. Mobile games are also far cheaper than any console games, so anyone that uses it is saving a lot of money. Mobile games have just made it far more accessible for people with interests in games to take part in the gaming community, without worrying about all the costs.

Game developers have also started to take notice of the growing popularity surrounding mobile games and have started to make some of their console games available via phone. Some examples of this are games like Fortnite and Minecraft, that have managed to replicate their games to fit the model of a phone. Once again, this is capable because of how powerful phones have gotten over the years, putting a lot of power into such a small device.

Mobile gaming has also helped to connect friends. For those of us who can’t afford to buy consoles or computers to play games, it’s easy to feel like you’re being left out without much control. Due to the cross-platform nature of a lot of the games that you can download on your phone, it is now easier than ever to connect with friends to play some of your favourite games. This means that you can start quests and have some competitive gameplay with the people that mean the most to you, so you no longer need to miss out.

Mobile gaming has also made its way to headlining a lot of gaming events because of its growing popularity. It is not unheard of to hear people getting excited over the release of a new phone game.

A big selling point of why mobile gaming is so popular is because of how it offers the opportunity to game on the go, you can play any game you want just walking down the street or on break at work, this kind of mobility simply hasn’t been matched by any other gaming platform on the market today.

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The 6 Strangest Innovations in Technology

Strange innovations abound in cultures where creativity is rewarded. With the growing rate of college graduates and the ever-increasing interest in scientific developments, technological innovations are becoming better publicized and funded. Here are some of the most interesting innovations of today.

1. Human Flesh Printers

Strange but true, these 3D printers are able to create human tissue such as heart muscle, jaw bone, and even blood vessels. Scientists hope to eventually print whole organs, which could be used for scientific experimentation. As seen on Big Bang Theory, 3D printers are becoming more commonplace with each passing day and are considered some of the best online shopping for geeks.

Before these printers existed, testing was conducted on animals more often. When scientists succeed in further-developing these devices all animal testing could cease to exist.

2. Urinal Entertainment

Developers (who are probably male) decided that it’s far too boring to simply urinate in the men’s restroom.  Thus, they designed games that are animated by strong streams of urine in urinals. By aiming carefully men who once wrote in snow can now score touchdowns with pee, message friends, and draw fine art that is displayed on screens above the toilet. Who ever bought into this concept could really have used some stock investing tips. It takes flushing money down the toilet to a whole new level.

Long ago in restrooms not too far away, men used to urinate quickly, wash their hands, and return to their dates. However, in today’s strange technologically advanced world, men are lollygagging in loos to play with pee.

3. Powerful Grass

It seems like an image from a science fiction book: someone in need of a quick cellular charge drops the device into green grass and then resumes using it. Yet, today this bizarre vision is a reality. Solar power is harnessed by grass-like devices, which transfer the power to any electronic object nearby.

Before solar-powered grass, people relied on electrical plugs. How odd.

4. Sewage Flowers

Sprawling lagoons of hyacinth are used to treat water containing sewage in the South, an innovation discovered by NASA. It is possible because of microscopic bacteria, which live on the tiny fibrous roots of hyacinth plants. These bacteria break down sewage as well as industrial metals and much more.

Before this innovation, sewage was sometimes dumped into lakes (such as Utah Lake) or otherwise treated with harsh chemicals.

5. Telepathic Robotic Limbs

Mind-operated limbs are now able to respond to the mere thought of walking, jumping, or sitting. These limbs are revolutionizing the way disabled veterans and others move and live today. Researchers believe this development will go further and lead the way to fully functioning robots.

Most disabled people today are still using simple prosthetics, but with a little funding these mind controlled limbs could become as common as wheelchairs.

6. Human Batteries

If you thought human batteries only existed in The Matrix, then you were wrong. Researchers in Paris have used human body heat to power 17 apartments near Rambuteau Metro. In Stockholm, engineers are able to collect enough human heat from the Central Railway Station to heat the 13-story building, Kungsbrohuset. With the average human disposing of 100 watts of heat per day while sedentary, as well as containing the same amount of energy as a one-ton battery, scientists believe the Parisians are on to something big!

Could body heat one day replace the hopes for cold fusion? The world is working hard to come up with solutions for human consumption issues, such as fuel and heat.

All over the world scientists are working to prepare the human race for climate changes, food limitations, and issues involving overcrowding. 2013 could be the year a strange innovation finally resolves human problems such as HIV and trash recycling.

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