Popamatic Review [2019] – Best Alternative To Instagress

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Instagram has more than one billion users who log in at least once a month. With such a massive amount of patrons, it’s unthinkable to think of a marketing strategy which does not involve Instagram.

However, with so many users and with more than 8 million business accounts already present on Instagram, how do you make your business stand out.

You might have a lot of creative ideas, but you’ll still need a dedicated group of people who’ll work on increasing your brand visibility, analyzing results, and optimizing all your campaigns.

For a small business, it’s impossible to invest that much time, money, and manpower into a single purpose. Even after you spend your time and effort curating and creating a perfect set of posts, you might not see immediate results.

This is when you should seriously consider using a third-party service to increase your followers and branding.

Popamatic is such a growth service you can outsource your work to. This Popmatic review should clear all your doubts on whether it’s legit and if you should give it a shot.

Popamatic Review – UPDATED 2019

Popamatic is a marketing/consultancy company which helps you grow your business by getting you more followers on Instagram.

They claim that they have real people working who will post on your behalf and get you more engagement, which means more likes, comments, and shares.

They claim that they are not bots, as using bots is strictly forbidden according to Instagram’s Terms Of Service.

They claim that none of the likes you get are from fake profiles, and they manually go through all the target audiences which you define and then make and distribute posts accordingly.

Popamatic For Instagram – How It Works?

Popmatic works to automate your business Instagram engagement. Once you’re a subscriber, Popamatic executives will take over the reins and performing all your likes, follows, and unfollows.

Popamatic lets you target your users by hashtags, location, and their usernames. If you want, you can further optimize your campaigns by segregating according to media age, media type, min/max comments, likes, and followers.

Just like a consultancy, they will also send you reports at the end of the month with details on how your account has grown and will also have suggestions for improvement.

Here’s a list of all the features they provide:-

  2. Follows
  3. Scheduling
  4. Target Hashtags
  5. Target Usernames
  6. Target Likers
  7. Target Commenters
  8. Auto-Stop Feature
  9. Filters
  10. Blacklist

Getting Started – How To Use Popamatic?

The process is pretty simple, and you don’t need to break the bank to get started either.


Simply sign up and add your account- the whole process will take you less than five minutes.

You can choose the free trial option for 7 days. This does not even require you to share your credit card details. The monthly pricing after the first week is a pretty reasonable $39 / month.


This is where you add and select your Target Audience. You get to choose from a wide range of targeting options including hashtags, followers of other users, location, media type, size of the account, etc.

Take your time in deciding all the filters as this is the most essential part of the setup process.


That’s it. You’re done! Let them do their thing and wait for the results to show up. In the meantime, you can use their tools to fine-tune your Instagram performance yourself.

Some of the tools they have are pretty useful; for example, you can do a hashtag search to interact with certain types of content and then follow users who have used those hashtags. You can’t expect to get followers unless you follow others yourself.

You can also follow or engage with people who followed your competitors or leaders in your industry. Checking out your competition’s tactics is a great idea to boost your own sales.

Popamatic – Best Alternative To Instagress?

Purchasing followers is becoming increasingly common, and today, followers have become a sort of currency. But your teal target audience knows better and can often see through fake followers.

For the longest while, if you wanted to spend money to get more followers, Instagress was the place. It was a growth service that used automation to engage users through likes and follows.

In other words, it was a bot.

Instagram’s Terms of Service clearly state that automation is against its policies. If Instagram senses that your followers aren’t real, and you have bots engaging with your own followers, your account will be removed and banned permanently.

That is exactly what happened with Instagress, which leads us to be very skeptical of any third-party tool which claims to jump up your followers. I say tool because we don’t get to interact with them like you would with a marketing agency.

So is Popamatic Legit?

We have often seen other services like this, which are similar to Popamatic. They had a good run but were ultimately exposed as having automation bots at the root of their service.

Popamatic however, seems to be legit because of these features:-

  1. a) Https Site:

Popamatic is fully HTTPS secure. This makes it not only easy for Google to find them but also ensures there are no viruses or malware on their website.

  1. b) A FAQ and Help Page:

FAQ pages are there to solve problems for the user. The inclusion of a FAQ and Help Page means they care about their customers and are looking to help you out, even before you commit to anything.

  1. c) Support:

They have an email and phone form, which you fill out when you’re signing up with them. If you face any problems, they provide customer support during business hours, which is again, a good sign that they are legit and care about their customers.

  1. d) Secure payment options:

They have authenticated payment systems. This means that they are safe to share credit card information without fear of them being stolen.

Final Words

If you have more questions about how Popamatic works and what it provides, simply go on over to their homepage. In my opinion, Popamatic is 100% legit and also offers you great value for money.