How Chicago Is Becoming The New Silicon Valley

It’s no secret that Chicago is one of the most populated cities in the United States after New York and Los Angeles. Its population is 2.7 million and up to 58 million people visit it in a year. Therefore it comes as no surprise that, in recent years, Chicago has received a tremendous surge in the technology industry. According to a new KPMG report, Chicago is listed as a candidate for the home of an international hub for innovation due to its huge range of talent and infrastructure.

Chicago has also ranked highly in the best in the growth of jobs in the technology sphere. Careers in tech soar in this city, thriving in the range of opportunities on offer there that are unmatched anywhere else. this is the result of many incredible tech companies being based here, from Google to Motorola. It really is the place to be in terms of career progression and fully releasing the potential of your skills and talents.

The City Itself

Chicago is perhaps most well known for its manufacturing companies but after the rise of digital media and successful tech ventures, Chicago has capitalized well on this new technological age. A survey recently carried out by the University of Minnesota showed that Chicago has the sixth-largest high tech company in the U.S. This has been through the success of businesses such as Groupon, a company that gives people coupons and daily deals. Since Groupon was founded in Chicago, it has given the city visibility and revealed it as the place to be for new business start-ups.

When I was younger, I went to Chicago. It’s astounded me. I come from a small farm in Texas and was instantly dazzled by the bright lights and buzzing city that seems to have a life of its own. My mum took me on the subway and the place really felt amazing. It’s so much more exciting than any other city I’ve been to and its no surprise big tech companies are starting up there. If I was a CEO, I would start there without a doubt. It’s teeming with culture and life and has a vibrancy you simply don’t find in other places.

I have a friend who wanted to start a business with his wife. They had been brainstorming an app idea for nearly two years when they finally got a bank loan and decided to just go for it. I asked him where he would set it up and he said Chicago without hesitating. He had been a subscriber to many business magazines and he knew that the smartest place to go was Chicago. So they packed their bags and off they went. He called me on the first night he got there. I’ll never forget him telling me how amazing the city was. He wasn’t a huge fan of the pizza but he said what Chicago lacks in the crust, it more than makes up for in dough. The place just screamed success and wealth. He became a millionaire a year later, all thanks to Chicago.

He now has a huge office building. I asked him about how he repairs all his windows and he said he uses a very reliable window company called Friendly Windows.


The New Valley

Silicon Valley is old news. It’s had its time and now it is being succeeded by a place with a rich heritage and fresh look on the tech industry. About once a year I go to Chicago just to see the tech wizards at work. I visited Silicon Valley once on a holiday just out of curiosity and it was a terrible mistake. The place was lifeless compared to the thriving and fun-filled city of Chicago in Illinois. Whenever I ask my business owner friend and his wife their advice on a business-related matter, they always encourage me to come to Chicago as it has the answers. From it’s incredible skyscrapers to its railways, it’s already a work of art by its own merits. But now it’s adapted to the modern world and you can’t enjoy the feel of the place.

Computers are the new bicycles. Everywhere has them and technology is constantly evolving. I remember when I was younger having a computer the size of an oven. Now everything has gotten so much smaller and cleverer, it’s easy to forget sometimes just how fast everything is moving. And in Chicago, the place feels lightyears ahead of the rest of America. It’s moving so fast there because it has the smartest people. Talent is in surplus there and it provides a comfortable yet challenging environment for CEOs and programmers alike. You’ll never find a more dynamic and business-focused city than Chicago. I always thought this would be New York or even a city abroad like London or Tokyo but no, Chicago is the technological hub for all major changes in the industry.

I tell my parents this but they don’t believe me. They still think it’s New York. Don’t get me wrong, I love New York. It’s got great pizza and wonderful shows but it’s never taken a hold of the technological world quite as well as Chicago. And that’s okay. It can’t be perfect at everything. But if you really want to grow your tech business, one year in Chicago will increase your profits enormously. Go there and give your business the edge it needs. Chicago is waiting.