Are New Power Tool Regulations Incoming for Europe?

The European Union has seen massive shakeups in recent years. The world watched as the UK decided to leave the EU altogether, although they are definitely taking their time finalizing that. And in the wake of this decision, we have seen a rise in the number of other EU nations deciding to hold their own EU referendums.

All of this, when combined with the global pandemic has created an unstable and uncertain political environment. And within all this chaos it seems the operation of the normal governmental business has been stalled.

But there is one bill that is still gaining some traction, especially since the world went into lockdown. The New Power Tool Regulation Act.


The Regulation Act

This bill was brought forward originally in 2016. The idea was to put more restrictions on the distribution and usage of Power Tools in both a commercial and professional landscape. This means everyone from a casual DIY enthusiast to a professional construction firm.

But why these sudden restrictions? The idea was primarily one of safety. The bill wasn’t intending to stifle businesses who relied on these tools, far from it. The bill put forward that anyone looking to use power tools would first have to obtain and certificate, undergo training, and be run through a rigorous background check.

The bill, mainly aimed at reducing the number of accidents occurring in the workplace and in private residences, was initially met with massive disapproval, particularly from more industrial-focused nations such as Germany.


Updated and Changed

The bill was not one of the most pressing items on the long list of issues the EU has to discuss. As such, it has undergone many changes over the years, with only a few discussions about its contents taking place. The latest amendments to it sought to remove the restrictions being placed on professional firms and independent contractors.

This middle-ground regulation seemed to please a lot of the more industrious nations and governing bodies. The EU sought advice from a few independent experts such as the authority on welding and the COOSH regulatory committee. Both these groups have since had a significant impact on the bill, mainly focusing on removing the restrictions for professionals.


The Private Buyer

So what does all this mean for you, the private power tool user? And why are they seemingly targeting only you?

The biggest issue they are claiming is safety. Power Tools can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Accidents can and do happen all the time. So this is the most obvious reason behind these new restrictions. If a power tool buyer has been on a course and received training, they are less likely to hurt themselves.

There is also a financial advantage. No doubt these courses would not be free. If a government can find a new way to make money for its citizens, you can guarantee they will take it.


Dangerous Weapons

Another reason that was floated by those proposing this bill was the use of power tools as weapons. A lot of EU nations have very strict gun control. Because of this, they have seen a rise in power tools being used in malicious or criminal ways. So the imposed background checks and strict regulations would help reduce this number even further.

Some experts have claimed this is dead-end thinking. That there are already too many power tools in circulation for this to have any real effect on these numbers.

Whatever you might think about this bill, it is important to note it is still in the preliminary discussion phases and we won’t see it enacted for years yet.

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Getting Started in eSports: A Guide to the Best Tech

ESports has been in the running for quite some time, the first feasible example of eSports would have been Nintendo’s release of the Wii, Wii Fit and Wii Sports. Esports is defined as playing sports in a gaming format, whether it be through a simulator or video game, it can be a great way of getting some exercise whilst having fun. With the developments in virtual reality coming out in recent years you can now play sports games in a much more immersive format.


Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a classic gaming console that came out a good few years ago, the Wii came with a sensor and unique controllers so that your physical movements could be tracked in order to play games. Wii Sports was one of the first games to be released for the console and allowed players to simulate many different sports games from the comfort of their own home. The Wii really was ahead of its time in terms of being the first Esports capable console, as the Wii is controlled by your own movements it can get very competitive and actually provide you with some exercise. This is great for someone who struggles with going and doing physical exercise or even on those rainy days, it combines the fun of playing sports with the convenience of remaining in the comfort of your home, great fun for all the family!


Virtual Reality

Something a little more recent is the developments in virtual reality technology, the virtual reality trend has had a strong boost, many tech companies are releasing affordable starter kits for all of your immersive gameplay needs. In terms of eSports, the PlayStation virtual reality kit comes equipped with a sports games section including football, golf and bowling, this kit provides you with a balance of immersive gameplay and getting some exercise into your life.


Esports combines two very popular leisure activities, gaming and sports, gaming has grown so much in recent years and finding a balance between having fun playing games and having an active lifestyle has never been easier. There has always been a strong correlation with health issues like obesity and diabetes with the overuse of gaming consoles. Now there are devices out there that are both fun and promote a healthy lifestyle.


For those of you that look for something, a little more action-packed there are many first-person shooter games out there for your enjoyment. If you struggle to find the best games then has reviews and details for all the best fps games. Try your hand at various shooting games and work on your accuracy to become a quality player.


Overall, Esports is an extremely useful tool in order to be more active, the convenience of being able to play these sports in the comfort of your own home has caused a huge boost in its popularity. These games are all extremely fun to play alone or with friends and family for a great and competitive day, there are so many options when it comes to the sports you can play. If you are regular sports fanatic it can be frustrating when the circumstances don’t allow you to be active, maybe the weather is too poor, or maybe there’s nobody to play with. By investing in some form of esports you can be active and have some fun whenever you want to. Play alone, with computer-controlled players or with family, no matter where you are you are guaranteed to have a great time and as an added bonus you are getting moving on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

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These 5 Tech Firms Are Doubling Their contribution to Medical Chairites

These are troubling times. As the population of our planet continues to boom, every day we are faced with a new and varied crisis. And it comes in all shapes and forms. From natural disasters to hunger. And medical emergencies are no exception. While we in the western world are lucky to be blessed with advance medical treatments and drugs. But there are plenty of nations out there that go without.

Countless countries lack the basic medical supplies needed to deal with very basic issues. Broken bones, cuts and bruises, infection, and the like. All of these issues are extremely manageable and, in our society, we take it for granted. We forget that, when left untreated, these issues compound and become much more serious, even fatal.

And this is just the basic issues. These countries are often home to some of the most hazardous and potentially fatal illnesses known to man. Some that never even reach our shores yet ravage whole cities abroad. These illnesses often go undiagnosed and untreated due to the lack of medical staff, knowledge and supplies. The advance machinery and drugs we have at our disposal are not available to these countries. That is why medical charities, such as Water Aide or the Red Cross seek to end this medical disparity between nations. And contributing to these charities are all sorts of people and companies. Below we are going to look at 5 Tech Firms that are doubling their contributions to Medical charities in 2020.


The medical marketing provider practicebloom has always been committed to assisting those running businesses in the medical field. They offer a variety of services to allow medical clinics and spas to grow. But their dedication to the medical field does not end there. They have always been an ardent supporter of medical charities the world over. And in 2020, as their company grows, they are seeking to further increase their contribution to these charities, hoping to bolster the good work they do.

Nord VPN

Not the company you would expect to see on a list like this, yet the geniuses behind Nord VPN have always been very keen on civil liberties. Their belief that privacy is a basic human right isn’t the only basic human right they advocate for. They have been staunch contributors to medical charities for years now, citing the idea that everyone should have access to medical care, and they hope to increase their contributions to these charities in 2020. They state that in these rough times people need to come together more than ever before.


The search engine that plants trees. Ecosia has been at the forefront of the environmental movement for a long time now. And they have been clear on their notion that all the money they make goes towards planting trees around the world to combat the increasing climate crisis and help restore nature to her former glory. But in these difficult times, they have decided to put some of the funds they earn towards different medical charities, for the time being. In these troubling medical times, we face pandemic together and Ecosia has shifted their outlook to help with this.


A big player in the game of charity. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, actually runs one of the worlds most successful medical charities. He has always been outspoken about the medical disparity that exists in the world and strives to end it. He no longer has direct influence over what Microsoft does, but the company still holds the morals that Bill Gates instilled. To that end, they are pledging to double their contribution to medical charities around the world. Microsoft is a household name, and as such they know the impact their actions have. People listen when they talk. They follow their example. And by that power, they hope to inspire other companies to make a positive change and give more to those who need it most around the world.


Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world right now. They are dominating the world of online sales. Their video streaming service is taking off and their customer service is improving. All of this is matched by an exceedingly large contribution to charities around the world. Amazons owner, Jeff Bezos, has come out in recent weeks saying Amazon is committed to increasing the amount of money they donate to charities across the globe, including medical charities. The tech giant is leading the charge when it comes to charity, setting a prime example of how a company in such a position of power should handle itself. With grace, care and compassion to those with less. A great example for all of us.

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Why Smart Tech is Changing the World of Real Estate Development

I would like to start this passage by writing that technology has revolutionized the world; this, of course, is no controversial statement that I have made; it is all rather evident. It is important, however, to really analyse and examine how this has affected our way of life and our planet; do we now exist in a post-human world. One industry that has been completely transformed by technology is that of real estate or housing. Now I am not going to write in this passage that tech has changed the entire landscape of the housing world people are still going to need their joiners or their septic companies. I am simply stating that cities have begun to rely on smart tech more than ever; as this passage will detail.

Why we Need Smart Tech

Well, it is all quite simple overpopulation; it has been predicted by the United Nations that by the year 2050 the global population will be at just under 10 billion people; with 66% of these people projected to be living in cities. The current global population rises by 220 000 people every day, and we will need somewhere for them to live obviously. The cities we currently reside in are truly at breaking point and are unable to cope with these new population demands. I mean listen to this fact, it currently takes over four hours to drive from one side of London to the other; this is due to the insane motor congestion. This has given real estate developers a real quandary how can they not only keep up with; but lower this congestion. Big problems need big ideas.

What Would a Smart Tech City Look Like?

A smart city would be extremely reliant on new technology. Which would involve increased automation? Think driverless vehicles, drone deliveries and automated production lines. These cities would use data to ensure that the lives of citizens were pleasurable. Robots would be on the streets to check on the health and welfare of citizens. Technology has made the world of real estate development have a new focus; think about what we can already do now. You can now control your central heating and your lighting from your phone. Which has all led to higher efficiency and lower costs for residents? Cities are becoming more and more tech-reliant and it is up to you to decide whether this is a good thing.

If you want an example of a city of the future then look no further than Barcelona. Barcelona is renowned for its public transport; with 230 separate bus lines. It also has the largest bike-sharing scheme in Europe which helps lower inner-city congestion. Cities now base their construction on Barcelona as the city has some of the lowest congestion in the world. To highlight this achievement in the year of 1999 the highly acclaimed Royal Institute of British Architects took an unprecedented move by awarding its Royal Gold Medal for Architecture to the city of Barcelona instead of an actual individual. The city of Barcelona should act as a model for the rest of the world.

How Technology has Affected Construction

Well if I take this back to my original point the world has become extremely overpopulated. Well to combat this new technology has given architects the ability to now 3D print houses. These 3D printed homes can be built for as little as 4000 dollars and can be constructed in as little as 24 hours. That is an entirely new home built in a day. Which is obviously a lot less time than any current construction project. 3D printed homes will be able to meet the new demand for housing that the modern world will bring.

Another major development in construction technology will be the use of drones. These industrial drones will have the ability to conduct a site survey at both a faster and more accurate rate than any human crew could possibly do, also at far less of an expense. Drone technology will allow for sharp picture interactive 3D maps. The future of both construction and drones are going to be deeply entwined.

Finally, is the use of virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality technology is most often used to create a model of a home or construction product; and then with the headset, you will be able to walk around your potential home. This tech will be of benefit to both the team and the client. The construction team will now have a greater understanding of the task at hand, and the client will have the opportunity to fully take in and appreciate what the project will look like upon completion. This will also allow for construction companies to find any faults in their build before the project has begun, this will help prevent delays and expensive changes to the design mid-build.

Technology is an inevitability and its role in construction is going to be instrumental. As I mentioned in the introduction of this passage we now exist in a post-human world; our roles in the world have lessened and lessened. What this has brought along is a revolution in thought as we combat our greatest threats. Homes can now be built in a day for such small prices, and physical construction, in general, has become something of ease. The real estate industry has embraced smart tech and is all the better for it.

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Devices That Help You Stay in Touch With Employees While Traveling

We live in a very mobile world, and businesses have to be able to keep up to succeed. That’s why more and more businesses are implementing mobile devices that allow them to travel without missing a beat. There are three devices businesses can utilize to be mobile and stay in touch with employees while traveling — the smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Take a closer look at how these devices are used.

The Smartphone Is Great for Texting and Calling Quickly


Businesses have to be able to communicate with customers to succeed, which is why all businesses have land-lines that customers can call for information. The problem is that most of the customer phone calls are only answered during normal business hours. In this mobile world, customers don’t like to wait for information, so businesses can use smartphones to give their employees direct responses, 24/7.

Smartphones also allow businesses to be more productive because they can access the Internet. Some smartphones also have the ability to establish a remote internet connection for other devices to connect. The most common business tasks on a smartphone are accessing email, keeping track of important dates on the calendar, and using the GPS to get around.

Of course, smartphones do have some limitations, which is why business owners sometimes lean towards tablets and laptops, too. Five inch tablets are trying to bridge this gap, but they aren’t there yet.

Tablets Make Scheduling and Video Conferencing A Breeze


Tablets can do everything smartphones can do and more, making them very useful business tools. One of the best things tablets can do for businesses is create a mobile kiosks for accepting payments. This allows business owners to sell products and services while on the go without having to worry about a paper trail, which saves time and money. Tablets are also useful for making spur-of-the-moment presentations and scheduling meetings. They even work with ORSYP workload automation and job scheduling software.

Tablets don’t have a ton of storage space, but businesses can get in trouble if they store important information on one. That’s why certain security measures should be taken on a business tablet, such as a pin number.

Laptops are Perfect for Working in Spreadsheets and Documents on the Go


There will always be a place in the mobile business landscape for laptops because of their robust capabilities. For instance, it’s much easier to work in spreadsheets or create documents on a laptop because of the keyboard and larger screen. Laptops also typically have faster processors than smartphones and tablets, giving them more capabilities.

Of course, businesses do have to be more careful with laptops than smartphones and tablets from a security standpoint because of how much information can be stored on them. It’s much easier to steal a laptop than a desktop, so businesses need to have a backup plan for document security and customer information security.

These three devices definitely help businesses compete better in the mobile world. What other ways can businesses use these devices to reach their customers while on the go?

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