3 Huge Improvements Coming to VR in 2021

Increased graphics quality

One of the most anticipated improvements to come to the world of virtual reality gaming would have to be increased quality of the graphics. VR gaming hasn’t always had the HD gaming quality we expect to see in the modern era so to hear that games like Superhot and Vacation simulator have undergone massive improvements to their graphical quality is definitely welcome news. With increased graphics quality the immersion factor of playing in virtual reality will only improve, making the overall experience a lot more realistic.


Finger Tracking

A much more revolutionary development to enter the world of virtual reality gaming is the technology of finger tracking, rather than using wands to control your hand movements in VR, retailers are now developing glove style controllers that can monitor the individual movements of your hands and fingers in order to make playing games much more realistic. By introducing finger tracking how games are played in virtual reality has completely changed, prior to this new development hand movements were limited to the sensors within the standard wands, by increasing the sensitivity and individual fingers being tracked VR gaming is due to undergo serious changes.


More games

Gaming has become one of the most profitable industries, with virtual game stores showing record sales and services like rocket league boosting and Valorant boosting growing in popularity, it isn’t much of a surprise the industry is doing so well. As well as improvements to the physical VR system and its quality in 2021 you can expect to see a wide range of new games being introduced to the platform. Imagine classic games like Minecraft and Tetris in a VR format, it seems the virtual reality gaming industry is undergoing real change with some of the classic games we all know and love coming to the platform. As well as the classics there will also be some other great new additions and with the increased graphics quality you can be sure they will be created to a high standard