The 5 Best Impact Drivers Currently On the Market

Anyone who is interested in DIY should have access to a variety of tools to help make their home crafting as efficient as possible to help bring to life the remodeling ideas they dream of. From rotary saws to electric drills, there are hundreds of devices designed to streamline the DIY process to cut potential hours off otherwise strenuous and frustrating tasks.

While electric drills and lawnmowers have long since become commonplace in many households, impact drivers are still a relatively rare tool to see, as many people consider their fairly high price point to not be worth the time and effort they save. But once you have one, it is almost impossible to go back to manual screwing. The incredible ease at which these machines can drive screws into all manner of material is almost mesmeric and turns what can be difficult and arduous work into an action that takes mere seconds to complete.

Though their higher price point is pretty much their only downside, it is enough that many people have no idea what to look for when they finally decide to take the plunge into DIY comfort. Luckily, people like myself have spent time looking into this and I can list what I consider to be the best impact drivers on the market today, to give you a better idea of what to look fo and a great starting place from which to find your perfect driver.


Milwaukee M12 Fuel Surge

The M12 Surge is undoubtedly the best driver designed for home use on the market today. It may be on the higher end price-wise, but this is absolutely reflected in its power and convenience. It has a noticeably compact design and relatively low weight for a driver of this quality making it far easier to use than many others on the market and is even designed to allow one-handed bit changes. All of this along with extremely easy-to-use speed changing without any impact on the driver’s effectiveness is genuinely impressive and it will be a tool that lasts for years of daily use.


Black + Decker 20v MAX

For those who want a hardy impact driver but don’t have a huge amount to spend or those who are still unconvinced by their utility, this Black + Decker kit is certainly the way to go. Costing ¼ the price of the Milwaukee, this driver is incredibly affordable for its power. It manages to get the job done extremely well without all the fancy parts of other drivers. It does lack pretty much all of the additional features of other drivers, but to those who won’t be regularly using one, it will more than get the job done even if it may take a little more effort than its competition. I also have a brushed motor, meaning its battery life is somewhat reduced, but those who need a budget tool will rarely find it to be a problem.


Makita 18v LXT 4-speed

Back in the high-end space, the Makita kit is an extremely durable and useable piece of kit. While it is aimed more at the contractor market, it is a viable choice for regular partakers of DIY who would like to make their life as easy as possible. It has even easier to use features and controls than the Milwaukee but comes as a heavier and bulkier unit to compensate for the considerable additional usability. They also have many functions that can be turned off to extend battery life and this model brings an end to the question “which Makita impact drivers are brushless?” as it boasts an incredible battery, largely thanks to being brushless.


Bosch 12-volt Max EC

Bosch has long been known for its innovative takes on established tools, and this impact driver is no different. It is easily one of the most compact units on the market, making it extremely versatile and easy to use by anyone looking to improve their DIY life. It does, however, have considerably less power in its motors than much of its competition, but this can easily be made up for with its advantages in-home use being outweighed by its more limited material uses.


Rigid 18-volt StealthForce

Finally, we have this wonderful Rigid piece. On paper, this driver may seem like a fair bog-standard tool, with most of its feature list being a bit weak for its price. This is because it is a far more specialized driver and is known for being the quietest of its type around. This can be especially useful when you are starting to work later and later in the day and will help in emergency situations all day, as it is leagues quieter than much of the opposition, making it the best choice for people who live in close proximity to here or those who hate the sound of machine-assisted DIY products.

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