Google’s new record, 1 billion visitors in May

1 Billion Visitors for May: Another record by Google

1 Billion Visitors for May: Another record by Google

If the data of ComScore is to be believed, Google has smashed its earlier record and made a new one. The data says that there have been one billion unique visitors and that too from all around the globe on the popular search engine in May. This is a spike of 8.4 % from what was experienced in May, last year.

In May of 2010, there are 931 million unique visitors on this popular search engine in comparison to May in 2011, when this number had crossed the 1 Billion mark.

A distant second place was scored by Microsoft, which witnessed 905 million unique visitors. The third and fourth positions were respectively held by Facebook and Yahoo. While Facebook witnessed 714 million visitors, Yahoo witnessed 689 million visitors. Facebook took the lead over Yahoo last year, but now it seems that we’re going to see this trend continue shortly.

ComScore has also mentioned that the game is not entirely about visitors, as advertising is the primary source from which these companies make money. Advertisers on the internet care about how much time people have spent on a particular ad instead of how many people have visited the ad, what kind of gadget they use to browse, and this is the area where Google and Microsoft lose their advantage.

Users of Facebook have recorded the most amount of time on the website with near about 250 million minutes in May. 204 million minutes and 200 million minutes are the time recorded by users of Microsoft and Google, respectively.