Are New Power Tool Regulations Incoming for Europe?

The European Union has seen massive shakeups in recent years. The world watched as the UK decided to leave the EU altogether, although they are definitely taking their time finalizing that. And in the wake of this decision, we have seen a rise in the number of other EU nations

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3 Huge Improvements Coming to VR in 2021

Increased graphics quality One of the most anticipated improvements to come to the world of virtual reality gaming would have to be increased quality of the graphics. VR gaming hasn’t always had the HD gaming quality we expect to see in the modern era so to hear that games like

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How Online Tech Reviewers Have Improved Product Quality

The online sales market has become a substantial industry for retailers to set up virtual stores and make a living, without the need to find a physical shop to sell from. The technology industry has been particularly affected by the increases in online shopping with more and more online startups

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Why This Tech Firm has Doubled Their Charitable Donations

The abundance of issues that the world is facing has resulted in a huge increase in the number of charitable donations that have come flooding in from numerous sources, the more profitable industries including technology have stood up to help support the world in the best way possible. Tech and

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Are New Power Tool Regulations Incoming for Europe?

The European Union has seen massive shakeups in recent years. The world watched as the UK decided to leave the EU altogether, although they are definitely taking their time finalizing that. And in the wake of this decision, we have seen a rise in the number of other EU nations deciding to hold their own EU referendums.

All of this, when combined with the global pandemic has created an unstable and uncertain political environment. And within all this chaos it seems the operation of the normal governmental business has been stalled.

But there is one bill that is still gaining some traction, especially since the world went into lockdown. The New Power Tool Regulation Act.


The Regulation Act

This bill was brought forward originally in 2016. The idea was to put more restrictions on the distribution and usage of Power Tools in both a commercial and professional landscape. This means everyone from a casual DIY enthusiast to a professional construction firm.

But why these sudden restrictions? The idea was primarily one of safety. The bill wasn’t intending to stifle businesses who relied on these tools, far from it. The bill put forward that anyone looking to use power tools would first have to obtain and certificate, undergo training, and be run through a rigorous background check.

The bill, mainly aimed at reducing the number of accidents occurring in the workplace and in private residences, was initially met with massive disapproval, particularly from more industrial-focused nations such as Germany.


Updated and Changed

The bill was not one of the most pressing items on the long list of issues the EU has to discuss. As such, it has undergone many changes over the years, with only a few discussions about its contents taking place. The latest amendments to it sought to remove the restrictions being placed on professional firms and independent contractors.

This middle-ground regulation seemed to please a lot of the more industrious nations and governing bodies. The EU sought advice from a few independent experts such as the authority on welding and the COOSH regulatory committee. Both these groups have since had a significant impact on the bill, mainly focusing on removing the restrictions for professionals.


The Private Buyer

So what does all this mean for you, the private power tool user? And why are they seemingly targeting only you?

The biggest issue they are claiming is safety. Power Tools can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Accidents can and do happen all the time. So this is the most obvious reason behind these new restrictions. If a power tool buyer has been on a course and received training, they are less likely to hurt themselves.

There is also a financial advantage. No doubt these courses would not be free. If a government can find a new way to make money for its citizens, you can guarantee they will take it.


Dangerous Weapons

Another reason that was floated by those proposing this bill was the use of power tools as weapons. A lot of EU nations have very strict gun control. Because of this, they have seen a rise in power tools being used in malicious or criminal ways. So the imposed background checks and strict regulations would help reduce this number even further.

Some experts have claimed this is dead-end thinking. That there are already too many power tools in circulation for this to have any real effect on these numbers.

Whatever you might think about this bill, it is important to note it is still in the preliminary discussion phases and we won’t see it enacted for years yet.

How Online Tech Reviewers Have Improved Product Quality

The online sales market has become a substantial industry for retailers to set up virtual stores and make a living, without the need to find a physical shop to sell from. The technology industry has been particularly affected by the increases in online shopping with more and more online startups being founded however, with this increase in online business, there has been more of a demand for online reviewers to provide information about products before you decide to make a purchase. With technology it is common to practice for a buyer to source reviews and information about an item before going through with buying it, this is because technology is normally quite a big investment that will need to last a few years before a replacement is considered.


The Reviews

Online tech reviewers not only help out the buyer in finding the correct item for them but it also provides solid feedback and critiques that can be used to make the business better. Any business relies on genuine customer feedback to build a profile and online representation of you and the services you offer, this feedback helps you to create a source of information for other prospective customers as well as providing you with the opportunity to develop and grow in terms of quality.


It can be easy to see negative feedback and have a bad reaction to it, especially if you are someone who has put a lot of effort into your business and its products. It is essential you have thick skin in the technology industry as it is so competitive and rather than trying to ignore critical reviews you should listen and try to improve on the feedback you get. This not only encourages the improvement of your products but, it also allows you to build a professional working reputation by showing you are willing to listen to critiques.


Technology as an industry relies on new developments being unique and standing out against the other retailers on the market, to do this a strong customer rapport is vital in getting a wide range of feedback to help make improvements. Something else to consider is that the functionality of your product and how many uses it is capable of fulfilling are what sells, the technology aims to help make life that little bit easier and using online tech reviewers who are knowledgeable of the industry can help you find out if you have achieved that, or if there is still room for upgrades.


Streaming platform- Youtube has been used for reviewing products for many years now including a whole range of technology from phones to home speaker systems. Online reviewers have grown in popularity and are a useful tool for anyone looking to buy a new piece of tech. As the reviews are done in a video format you get to see the product, find out what it can do, and then make a decision of whether you will make the purchase. Online tech reviewers have become very popular recently, resulting in them having very large client bases, you can even buy real youtube views from companies like With tech review channels having thousands upon thousands of views on every video, there has been more pressure for technology companies to produce high quality and innovative products. The influence of online platforms as a form of advertising is unlike any other marketing strategy, the internet allows businesses to reach a large number of people with little effort, so the pressure to impress online technology reviewers has meant the quality of the tech products on the market has improved significantly.

Why This Tech Firm has Doubled Their Charitable Donations

The abundance of issues that the world is facing has resulted in a huge increase in the number of charitable donations that have come flooding in from numerous sources, the more profitable industries including technology have stood up to help support the world in the best way possible. Tech and software company Microsoft is just one of many high profile companies that do a great deal of charity work, taking their financial success and helping those in need by providing resources.


There is a real need for those who are fortunate enough to work in these large companies to step up and present ideas that can help those who aren’t so lucky. In recent years the amount of donations that charities are receiving is increasing, from social media influencers spreading the word to the general public’s generosity, anyone can get involved in raising money for these noble causes, and frankly, there isn’t an excuse not to. Microsoft particularly has shown how much of a positive effect charity work can have on the less fortunate, why not put something of your own in place to help others, maybe a bake sale or selling some kind of merchandise. T-shirts and wristbands are proven to be an effective stock to sell for charity, and personalized wristbands are available at sleekwristbands.


Microsoft has helped in the way of charity through many schemes and programs, below are some examples of the work they have done in order to help protect those who are most vulnerable.


Free Software

One way that tech giant Microsoft helps those in need is through a scheme offering free Microsoft Office Software to those who may otherwise be unable to access these useful tools. This program was created with the aim of helping those in deprived school areas and those getting started in the business. The Microsoft Office software is normally quite expensive when buying for multiple users, these document creating tools are useful in both education and business as they can be used to create documents for essays and homework, as well as business documents and invoices.


By recognizing that not everybody is able to afford Microsoft Office and giving away the software to those who would benefit greatly from it, it shows the truly generous nature of the company and reflects that they haven’t forgotten about the people they serve on a daily basis. This method of charity is arguably much more useful than monetary donations because it helps people with getting an education and with the process of getting a business set up. As opposed to money and resources this charity scheme helps improve lives and sets people up for future success.



This extremely successful tech business has definitely proven its generosity, as well as offering out amazing software there have been many donations to numerous charities all over the world that have come from Microsoft. The most notable donation being $142 million that was raised solely by Microsoft employees, and was donated to over 19000 nonprofit organizations. In total the current figure for the amount of money that Microsoft has donated to a range of charities is over $650 million since its founding in 1975, as well as all of the donated software mentioned in the previous point.


With such amazing charity donations, there is a question of why this tech company would go to so much effort, Microsoft’s philanthropies program manager commented recently at a conference, she started by commenting on how proud she was of the recent employee giving program. Their new program encouraged further charity work by matching its employee’s own donations and time spent working on charitable ideas. Microsoft has pledged to match the money every employee earns (up to $15000) and this amazing scheme raises money for a database of over 55000 charities and deprived schools which employees can choose to donate to, as well as this if there is a charity missing from the list, employees can apply to add it to the database.


It seems that Microsoft has really dived in headfirst in the quest to make the public’s life better, it is really nice to see such a profitable and successful business not only making staggering donations but also setting up numerous schemes of offering office software and encouraging staff to think about these extremely important causes. It is very unique that the employee giving scheme exists under a tech giant, I feel this scheme is much more meaningful compared to just making the donation. In terms of traditional charity work this scheme not only generates a lot of money but encourages Microsoft staff to really think about helping others. By allowing them the choice of the charity the money goes to it adds a real sentimental touch that every employee will be so hands-on.

How Chicago Is Becoming The New Silicon Valley

It’s no secret that Chicago is one of the most populated cities in the United States after New York and Los Angeles. Its population is 2.7 million and up to 58 million people visit it in a year. Therefore it comes as no surprise that, in recent years, Chicago has received a tremendous surge in the technology industry. According to a new KPMG report, Chicago is listed as a candidate for the home of an international hub for innovation due to its huge range of talent and infrastructure.

Chicago has also ranked highly in the best in the growth of jobs in the technology sphere. Careers in tech soar in this city, thriving in the range of opportunities on offer there that are unmatched anywhere else. this is the result of many incredible tech companies being based here, from Google to Motorola. It really is the place to be in terms of career progression and fully releasing the potential of your skills and talents.

The City Itself

Chicago is perhaps most well known for its manufacturing companies but after the rise of digital media and successful tech ventures, Chicago has capitalized well on this new technological age. A survey recently carried out by the University of Minnesota showed that Chicago has the sixth-largest high tech company in the U.S. This has been through the success of businesses such as Groupon, a company that gives people coupons and daily deals. Since Groupon was founded in Chicago, it has given the city visibility and revealed it as the place to be for new business start-ups.

When I was younger, I went to Chicago. It’s astounded me. I come from a small farm in Texas and was instantly dazzled by the bright lights and buzzing city that seems to have a life of its own. My mum took me on the subway and the place really felt amazing. It’s so much more exciting than any other city I’ve been to and its no surprise big tech companies are starting up there. If I was a CEO, I would start there without a doubt. It’s teeming with culture and life and has a vibrancy you simply don’t find in other places.

I have a friend who wanted to start a business with his wife. They had been brainstorming an app idea for nearly two years when they finally got a bank loan and decided to just go for it. I asked him where he would set it up and he said Chicago without hesitating. He had been a subscriber to many business magazines and he knew that the smartest place to go was Chicago. So they packed their bags and off they went. He called me on the first night he got there. I’ll never forget him telling me how amazing the city was. He wasn’t a huge fan of the pizza but he said what Chicago lacks in the crust, it more than makes up for in dough. The place just screamed success and wealth. He became a millionaire a year later, all thanks to Chicago.

He now has a huge office building. I asked him about how he repairs all his windows and he said he uses a very reliable window company called Friendly Windows.


The New Valley

Silicon Valley is old news. It’s had its time and now it is being succeeded by a place with a rich heritage and fresh look on the tech industry. About once a year I go to Chicago just to see the tech wizards at work. I visited Silicon Valley once on a holiday just out of curiosity and it was a terrible mistake. The place was lifeless compared to the thriving and fun-filled city of Chicago in Illinois. Whenever I ask my business owner friend and his wife their advice on a business-related matter, they always encourage me to come to Chicago as it has the answers. From it’s incredible skyscrapers to its railways, it’s already a work of art by its own merits. But now it’s adapted to the modern world and you can’t enjoy the feel of the place.

Computers are the new bicycles. Everywhere has them and technology is constantly evolving. I remember when I was younger having a computer the size of an oven. Now everything has gotten so much smaller and cleverer, it’s easy to forget sometimes just how fast everything is moving. And in Chicago, the place feels lightyears ahead of the rest of America. It’s moving so fast there because it has the smartest people. Talent is in surplus there and it provides a comfortable yet challenging environment for CEOs and programmers alike. You’ll never find a more dynamic and business-focused city than Chicago. I always thought this would be New York or even a city abroad like London or Tokyo but no, Chicago is the technological hub for all major changes in the industry.

I tell my parents this but they don’t believe me. They still think it’s New York. Don’t get me wrong, I love New York. It’s got great pizza and wonderful shows but it’s never taken a hold of the technological world quite as well as Chicago. And that’s okay. It can’t be perfect at everything. But if you really want to grow your tech business, one year in Chicago will increase your profits enormously. Go there and give your business the edge it needs. Chicago is waiting.

How a Local Tech Firm helped Rebuild a Community

When you think of Tech Firms, I guarantee your first thought is large cooperate entities that seek to improve their bottom line, innovate their newest products, and advance the technology race. With our world becoming swamped in ever-changing tech, it is easy to assume these tech firms are disconnected from the real-world issues. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A small community, informally called Kawana Island, in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, was faced with an issue that plagues a lot of Australia. Internet issues. These issues went further than simple downtime, it was impairing the livelihood of people working from home, starting up new businesses. It can be a crippling issue when you are looking for business IT support for your business and come up against a roadblock like this. Not to mention those simply hoping to keep in touch with others around the world.


To understand this issue we must look at why Australia has such notoriously terrible internet issues. It is a mix of historical lack of foresight and a shady plot of corporate control. The first issue goes all the way back to the introduction of phone lines in Australia. Famously the country set up all their connection lines using copper, which worked great for the time. But the issue is, now with fiberoptic, it is much less useful and in fact weaker than other alternatives. This compounded to mean download and upload speeds for the country as a whole are a lot weaker than other countries, and this itself gets weaker or stronger depending on the region of Australia.

Secondly, there was the issue of corporate plotting. Initially, the introduction of these internet services and managing was handled by a government body, in its early days. All the different internet providers had to follow the rules set out by legislation. But there was a shift in government. The people in the know, and running the companies, managed to get permission for the companies to go private and dictate their own rules for providing internet to its customers.

This means that customers are very limited in their options for internet services. The companies found themselves with the power to freely gouge their customers into paying higher prices for internet services that were weaker than cheaper alternatives in different countries. All of these compounds to create massive issues the country over.



The small suburb of Parrearra, know as Kawana island, is where this all takes place. Being a suburb, and particularly one surrounded by water, Kawnw has been suffering from internet issues for years. Download speeds are beyond slow, communication to the outside is patchy and those trying to start up a business were faced with countless roadblocks on the path to success. The residents mostly made up of people who immigrated from England and America, also had an issue with allowing these people to get online to communicate with those they miss.

But that is where the small tech firm, Tech-Lite, stepped in. The firm was founded by a group of tech savants from Queensland who met during their school years. The idea came to them to try to tackle the issues that plague the residents of Queensland, and eventually, Australia. But to really start, they aimed small and looked at Kawana Island.


The Community

Tech-Lite decided to first approach the issues from a human standpoint. They began by canvassing the locals and organizing a meet and greet. Their plan was to get the issues straight from the local’s mouths. By doing this their thinking was that they could focus their design and programming on the stuff that is important to those around them. During this stage, they didn’t sell anything to the people but rather used this as an opportunity to get people talking to each other and find out their issues were similar and they weren’t alone.

But they didn’t expect what happened after. Once they had done their preliminary research, they went to the drawing board and began working on their newest innovation. Their plan was simple, creating a booster program and device that increases the download and upload of speed for people in troubled areas. They approached service providers and showed how this device might possible cut costs for both the providers and the customers.

They received significant push back from the major service providers who didn’t believe in the product or the idea. This seemed like a finishing roadblock that would be the end of Tech-Lite and the continuation of the issues on Kawana Island.

But they soon found this wasn’t the case at all. The residents of the island had banded together and launched an online campaign to raise awareness and funds for tech-lite. Once they shared their own stories of the issues they were facing and how nice it was to have a company looking out for them, people were quick to relate their own experiences and jump on board showing their support with both kind words and by opening their wallets to the cause.

While Tech-lite is still working to get everything done and dusted, this story is a fantastic example of how tech firms can work together with people and bring the wondrous advancements we have made with tech and use them to a better life for the average citizens. Nature and technology need not be separate, and Tech-lite is a great example of the unification of people and technology.


The Four Biggest Tech Expos Coming in 2020

Tech expeditions are at an all-time high for popularity; this is amongst both company and consumer; as it is the chance for the world’s biggest companies to show off and highlight their new products or innovations. Ever since their heyday of the early 2010’s they have continued to expand and grow; and are just as extremely important and popular. Here are four expeditions I as a fan am personally extremely excited for.

Sony IFA

Though this event is sponsored by Sony it does still host a variety of the world’s biggest tech corporations; as they compete to show off the coolest new products in the Berlin-based convention center. This year however there will be a twist; due to the coronavirus the event was feared to be canceled, but it is managing to still go ahead, and well quite fittingly it will be held online. Tech firms at the event usually show off new laptops, smartwatches, phones, and another similar casual tech. It is not a particularly specialized event, but it does give the consumer an opportunity to see what some of the world’s biggest tech giants will have to offer over the calendar year.


E3 like the IFA conference is also taking place online in 2020, so not in its usual Anaheim convention center. E3 is an opportunity for companies to show off new games, films, and consoles. Over recent years we have seen exclusive announcements of both new X-Box’s and PS4’s. Though this announcement stream has slowed down recently; for gaming and cinema E3 is just as important as ever; as it has such a high exposure and is so well regarded amongst tech-heads. E3 has also become known for its film announcements with the at time new Avengers trailer debuting at the event. Which simply leered the eyes of film nerds on to E3 too. Now I am sure you are a smart cookie like me and use certain streaming sites to watch these films, but now couchtuner has been taken down I would check out digitalconnectmag’s couchtuner alternatives to find your new streaming site of choice.

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit aims to highlight tech that can increase a company’s workforce productivity and just general efficiency. This event receives particular interest from larger corporations as they are always looking for ways to increase productivity. The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit claims on their website that they aim to transform the employee experience, technology and application strategies, effective program management for the digital workplace, and powering the future of work. As this highlights this expo is more for the corporation than the general consumer; as it looks to offer real-world solutions; but is still important none the less.

Adope Summit

The 2020 Adope Summit has been running for over a decade and this year it will also be held virtually, but the main virtual hosting arena will be in London, England. In 2019 the Adope summit hosted over 16 000 industry leaders and motivational speakers. The Adope summit is seen as the premier event for digital marketing; offering insight on marketing trends and future innovation. Again, this event is probably more for the industry insider than the casual. The event is really brilliant though for anyone just starting out in the industry as it can really give you the opportunity to learn with and make inroads with established figures.

Looks like the Coronavirus pandemic could not spoil everything in 2020 we still have our expeditions!

These 5 Tech Firms Are Doubling Their contribution to Medical Chairites

These are troubling times. As the population of our planet continues to boom, every day we are faced with a new and varied crisis. And it comes in all shapes and forms. From natural disasters to hunger. And medical emergencies are no exception. While we in the western world are lucky to be blessed with advance medical treatments and drugs. But there are plenty of nations out there that go without.

Countless countries lack the basic medical supplies needed to deal with very basic issues. Broken bones, cuts and bruises, infection, and the like. All of these issues are extremely manageable and, in our society, we take it for granted. We forget that, when left untreated, these issues compound and become much more serious, even fatal.

And this is just the basic issues. These countries are often home to some of the most hazardous and potentially fatal illnesses known to man. Some that never even reach our shores yet ravage whole cities abroad. These illnesses often go undiagnosed and untreated due to the lack of medical staff, knowledge and supplies. The advance machinery and drugs we have at our disposal are not available to these countries. That is why medical charities, such as Water Aide or the Red Cross seek to end this medical disparity between nations. And contributing to these charities are all sorts of people and companies. Below we are going to look at 5 Tech Firms that are doubling their contributions to Medical charities in 2020.


The medical marketing provider practicebloom has always been committed to assisting those running businesses in the medical field. They offer a variety of services to allow medical clinics and spas to grow. But their dedication to the medical field does not end there. They have always been an ardent supporter of medical charities the world over. And in 2020, as their company grows, they are seeking to further increase their contribution to these charities, hoping to bolster the good work they do.

Nord VPN

Not the company you would expect to see on a list like this, yet the geniuses behind Nord VPN have always been very keen on civil liberties. Their belief that privacy is a basic human right isn’t the only basic human right they advocate for. They have been staunch contributors to medical charities for years now, citing the idea that everyone should have access to medical care, and they hope to increase their contributions to these charities in 2020. They state that in these rough times people need to come together more than ever before.


The search engine that plants trees. Ecosia has been at the forefront of the environmental movement for a long time now. And they have been clear on their notion that all the money they make goes towards planting trees around the world to combat the increasing climate crisis and help restore nature to her former glory. But in these difficult times, they have decided to put some of the funds they earn towards different medical charities, for the time being. In these troubling medical times, we face pandemic together and Ecosia has shifted their outlook to help with this.


A big player in the game of charity. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, actually runs one of the worlds most successful medical charities. He has always been outspoken about the medical disparity that exists in the world and strives to end it. He no longer has direct influence over what Microsoft does, but the company still holds the morals that Bill Gates instilled. To that end, they are pledging to double their contribution to medical charities around the world. Microsoft is a household name, and as such they know the impact their actions have. People listen when they talk. They follow their example. And by that power, they hope to inspire other companies to make a positive change and give more to those who need it most around the world.


Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world right now. They are dominating the world of online sales. Their video streaming service is taking off and their customer service is improving. All of this is matched by an exceedingly large contribution to charities around the world. Amazons owner, Jeff Bezos, has come out in recent weeks saying Amazon is committed to increasing the amount of money they donate to charities across the globe, including medical charities. The tech giant is leading the charge when it comes to charity, setting a prime example of how a company in such a position of power should handle itself. With grace, care and compassion to those with less. A great example for all of us.

5 Family Friendly Apps to Liven up Any Party

It is true that it has been a while since we’ve all partied, given the pandemic, but it’s not like family gatherings will never come back. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, a wedding, or a birthday, we will soon one day be dancing with our loved ones the same way we did before. Personally, I can’t wait for this, as it has been months since I’ve had the opportunity to have a special moment with a friend or family member that wasn’t over Skype. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long!

However, the truth is that there can be dull moments even at the best of parties. Sometimes people aren’t in the right mood, sometimes an awkward situation occurs that nobody knows how to resolve, sometimes there are new guests who aren’t as similar to the usual crowd. It is times like these when a bit of help is needed to get the party going, and usually, this makes us turn to games like monopoly or truth or dare, which are great in their own right but can’t be played forever. Thankfully there are also many apps on the market that are great at transforming the atmosphere of a party from tense to laidback and relaxed. In this sense, technology hasn’t just provided us with a means of communication during these dire times, but also ways to have fun while in quarantine and beyond. With this in mind, here are 5 great family-friendly apps you can use to liven up any party, whether it’s a small one with the few family members you’re isolating with now or a big one in the future which I’m sure we’ll have when this all over.

Heads Up

You can probably guess what this one involves by the name. Created by talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up involves placing your phone on your head, with your phone displaying a name, as your family members try to show you using body gestures what that name is. The competitiveness comes from the fact that there is a timer that will run out if you don’t guess the name of the person. I say, person, as it will usually be a famous person, but it could also be an animal or a place. It could even be a silly accent, though this may want to be avoided if older grandparents are playing as this can cause arguments when they inevitably take it a step too far.


If monopoly has failed to cause a family argument if sufficient proportion, then perhaps Bloop is the game to try to get the competitive spirit out of your family members. Designed mainly for large phones and tablets, Bloop is a rapid touch game in which players must tap their individual color tiles as fast as possible while they move, all at the same time. Fingers will clash, hands will collide, and maybe become fists if parent control isn’t applied!

Bluff Wars

As the name suggests, Bluff Wars is a game of lies. While it may seem lighthearted, it basically relies on how well you and your opponent can lie, which can cause some tension. That being said, it really is just a bit of fun for the most part that up to 6 family members can play.
Reverse Charades

This one is an absolute goldie. I’m sure you know the classic game of Charades, usually played by drunken family members on Christmas, but I bet you’ve never heard of Reverse Charades. In this game, one single person has to guess different words as they are acted out by the entire family, rather than everyone trying to guess what one person is acting out. Imagine your friends all trying to act out Lord of the Rings at the same time and you’ll see why this app has gotten so popular.

Sketch Party

Sketch Party is essentially a convenient form of Pictionary which can be transferred from your phone to an Apple TV, making the classic game a little less intense as you can just lounge on the sofa as if you’re watching TV while playing.

How Mobile Gaming has Changed the Gaming World

Anyone could agree that the evolution of mobiles over the last decade has been remarkable. We have gone from phones with no other purpose than to call and text, to carrying around devices with the power of a laptop in our pockets every day.

The average phone these days are even more powerful than the average laptop and is capable of a long line of tasks. Because of the improvement of the power of phones, they have managed to break into the gaming world at full force. Here is how mobile gaming has changed the gaming world.

The Power of Mobile

Now, games have always been available to play on phones. These games have always been straightforward games that don’t require too much power, the perfect example of this is the classic game Snake that I’m sure everyone has had the chance to play.

As devices have got more powerful, developers have started to really push the kind of games that they can make. The average phone games these days are more comparable with games from classic consoles, which really shows how far technology has gone.

For the past few years, there has been the debate of whether or not mobile gamers can be considered gamers and with the ever-increasing difficulty of new games on the market, it’s hard to argue that they’re not. Mobile games have become more than puzzles and repetitive clicking, they actually require a level of strategy.

A lot of games on mobile are now PVP, so they take quite a bit of thought.  When it comes to some games you have to be able to differentiate between character selection and choose the best heroes to focus on.

The use of mobile gaming has also made the world of gaming more inclusive than it has ever been.  To game in the past you would either need to invest in a pricey gaming computer or a console. For some people, these costs just aren’t reasonable for their lifestyles as they would have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the console, they also have to fork out the costs for all of the games.

Mobile gaming only comes with the cost of your phone, which you most likely have already,  and mobile games. Mobile games are also far cheaper than any console games, so anyone that uses it is saving a lot of money. Mobile games have just made it far more accessible for people with interests in games to take part in the gaming community, without worrying about all the costs.

Game developers have also started to take notice of the growing popularity surrounding mobile games and have started to make some of their console games available via phone. Some examples of this are games like Fortnite and Minecraft, that have managed to replicate their games to fit the model of a phone. Once again, this is capable because of how powerful phones have gotten over the years, putting a lot of power into such a small device.

Mobile gaming has also helped to connect friends. For those of us who can’t afford to buy consoles or computers to play games, it’s easy to feel like you’re being left out without much control. Due to the cross-platform nature of a lot of the games that you can download on your phone, it is now easier than ever to connect with friends to play some of your favourite games. This means that you can start quests and have some competitive gameplay with the people that mean the most to you, so you no longer need to miss out.

Mobile gaming has also made its way to headlining a lot of gaming events because of its growing popularity. It is not unheard of to hear people getting excited over the release of a new phone game.

A big selling point of why mobile gaming is so popular is because of how it offers the opportunity to game on the go, you can play any game you want just walking down the street or on break at work, this kind of mobility simply hasn’t been matched by any other gaming platform on the market today.