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Twitter Acquires Data Startup Gnip

The microblog service Twitter acquires Gnip, a company which is engaged in social data providing. This company has been an ancient data parter of Twitter. Gnip accumulates and analyses data from social networking websites for marketing purposes. Twitter and Gnip has been partners since 2010. And now Twitter has acquired Gnip. As Twitter has turned into a...
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Dubai Police Twitter Account Is Hacked

A group of hackers on the 9th of February seized the Dubai Police's Twitter account and wrote the following message: ''Dubai Police is spying on you, Isn't it fair that we the people do the same back? Hacked by the Horsemen''. Hackers also announced the hacking of the Dubai Police's LinkedIn and Tumblr accounts. ''The Horsemen'' group...
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Pope’s Latin Twitter Feed Gathers Pace

Pope Francis's Latin Twitter Feed has gathered more than 200, 000 followers. It is much more popular than the papal Twitter accounts in German and Arabic. The first Tweet in Latin was published in March, 2013 after Francis had accessioned to the throne. At the same time some duplicating accounts in different languages were launched. But...
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Twitter Against Spying

Twitter, an online networking and microblogging service, is going to launch a new mechanism of encryption to protect users from snoops. They say, first of all direct messages will be subjected to encoding. The new types of encryption are supposed to prevent special services from having a tampered access to personal information of users. But there...
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Vivian Schiller leaving NBC News for Twitter

In January Vivian Schiller, NBC News digital executive, is going to join Twitter and head Twitter Fox News. This information appeared in Twitter for News on the 24th of October. Vivian Schiller is all excited about her becoming the head for the news department of the microblogging site. Vivian Schiller has been worked at NBC News...
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Twitter Advertisers Can Schedule Tweets

Twitter recently announced the launch of Scheduled Tweets. Now the advertisers have an opportunity to schedule the exact day and time of a tweet's publication. It's a great advance in the development of Twitter's ad product. Tweets may be scheduled to a year in advance and attached to definite events or ad campaigns. Twitter officials declare...
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Twitter Mobile App Now on Tablets

Twitter announces the launch of a mobile app which is developed specially for tablets. But it's a too loud statement, as in fact this app is only suitable for one Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-2014 Edition. Several unique features are included: Multi-screen view, Twitter widget, and Illustrate your Tweets. Of course, Twitter's experts have...
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Twitter Lets Us Know Beforehand about Emergencies

Twitter introduces a new option called Twitter Alerts. It is a special alert system which informs users of coming disasters. If users are eager to receive notifications via the Twitter app and SMS, they have to sign up to Twitter Alerts and put their cell phone numbers at Twitter's disposal. Twitter has achieved the first...
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Twitter Ads available to everyone in U.S.


Twitter today announcedб═that its ad platform, which launched early last year, has now been expanded to include everyone in the United States. Previously, only certain businesses and companies were allowed to use Promoted Tweets and Accounts on Twitter.
Over the past year weБ─≥ve listened...
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