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Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 11 preview


Alongside the release of the preview version of Windows 8.1 yesterday, Microsoft also released a preview of the upcoming Internet Explorer 11 update. The update brings several improvements to the company's web browser, including design enhancements, performance enhancements, and improved support for HTML 5,...
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Microsoft unveils redesigned Xbox 360 console


Despite unveiling the Xbox One last month, Microsoft today announced a redesigned current-generation Xbox 360 console that looks similar to the Xbox One. The company says that the new Xbox 360 is slimmer and quieter than the current model. Pricing is as follows:
  • $199.99 for the...
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Microsoft launches anti-iPad ad campaign

Microsoft yesterday launched a newб═advertisementб═campaign that pokes fun at Apple's iPad versus Windows 8-based tablets. The first ad focuses on pointing out several "flaws" of the iPad, using Siri's well-known voice. The second ad pokes fun at the size and weight of the iPad compared to Windows tablets.

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Microsoft parodies Google Chrome commercial internally

A leaked internal video obtained byб═iCosmoGeek, apparently created by Microsoft, parodies one of Google's new TVб═advertisementsб═for its Chrome web browser. Google's ad focuses on how Chrome remembers information across both mobile and desktop computers, while Microsoft's parodies follows a similar theme and claims that Chrome tracks users to display more relevant ads and make...
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