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Not even Ellen DeGeneres can make fun of the iPhone

Ellen DeGeneres showed aб═commercial on The Ellen Show yesterday, poking fun at the ease of use of Apple's iPhone. She included opening the wrong application, having trouble typing on the touch screen keyboard and needing her glasses to be able to read the text. Well, the guys over at Apple didn't really like that and today,...
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[Unbox] iPod Nano 16GB 5th Generation

Our first ever unboxing post is finally here. Even though this device is kind of old, but I just got mine. What you get in the box
  • iPod Nano 16GB
  • 2 Apple Stickers
  • Headphones
  • 30 Pin USB Connector
  • Plastic Dock
  • Instruction manuals
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The lost iPhone prototype: an in-depth look

We've all heard about the iPhone prototype, which was left there by an Apple employee, that was found in a Redwood City, California bar last month. Even CNN reported on it. Gizmodo heard about the device, and paid around $5,000 to get the device into their...
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Android OS running on the iPhone

Hackers have successfully installed a hacked version of Linux on an iPhone, that can boot a working Android OS. The first release is still buggy and may not work with every iPhone yet. The video shown below was released by the hacker and clearly shows that Android can run on the iPhone as a...
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iPhone Talk

This post isn't really a one way post, its more of a open ended post that I hope will generate some debates and comments that will help the users and me! So my birthday is coming up (April 11) and I was planning with my parents to get a iPhone. б═Now I do no of...
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A lot of people use the term "Memory" when talking about the hard drive. It is a common error that I am here to help you with.

So what is ROM and what is RAM?

ROM or Read Only Memory is where all of your programs are stored till needed; this is the hard drive. Programs stay...

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PS3 Guitar Hero 5/Band Hero Codes Giveaway

I have come across codes for two different track packs on Guitar Hero 5 or Band Hero. One of the codes is for the track pack of Vampire Weekend, and the other code is for the Third Eye Blind track pack. I have played both of these packs on the X-box and they both are...
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Is wearable technology the next big thing?

According to Computerworld Apple Richard DeVaul an expert in wearable computers. He will take the position of "Senior Prototype Engineer". This highlights how Appleб═wants to stay at the top of computer technology and continue to influence the market. Read the full article at MacRumors. This move is very significant as in a few years time...
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Taking a look at YouTube Auto-Captions

Over the past few days, YouTube and Google have been incorporating an auto-captioning system into all YouTube videos. The service uses Google's speech translator and so far, it hasn't been so reliable. In most cases, it just makes watching the video even more entertaining.

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