Review of ‘Livres Audio’ for iOS

‘Livres Audio’ for iOS (App Store link) focuses on providing the ability for both advanced and beginner French speakers to listen to different audiobooks, whether it be to practice and learn the language, or to enjoy the novel. The app gives users the option to slow down or speed up (without altering the pitch to retain pronunciation) the speaker, so more beginner readers can follow along.

The app includes 1187 free audiobooks in French, including pieces from famous authors such asб═Edgar Allen Poe, Victor Hugo and Jules Verne. The app allows users to skip forward and back, set sleep timers, bookmark, search for, and take notes on audiobooks. The app also works without a Internet connection for on-the-go listening.

We tried the app out and it seemed to work as-advertised. The speed-changing works well for those just beginning to learn French, and is beneficial for those who have been speaking it their entire lives. The app has a clean design that was easy to navigate and find books, but was a little slow at times. The selection of books was relatively broad, ranging from short stories to full-length novels.