Review of ‘Write It VS’ for iOS

“Write It VS” for iOS (App Store link) is a multiplayer game that challenges players to create short stories using specific words and phrases. The app, which requires either a Facebook account or email address, gives users the ability to choose an avatar and battle friends or random people head-to-head to see who can write the better story. Each story comes with a title and three words that must be incorporated and each story needs to be between 100 and 140 characters, written in a specific time period. Players will keep challenging each other until there is a winner.

Through our testing of the app, it seems like it could keep somebody entertained for a fair amount of time and is an interesting concept. We really like the idea of building a short story, and being able to challenge your friends in return. The app’s design was a little clunky in places and it took a little while to learn how to use, but after that, it’s pretty easy to navigate.б═The app also has a lot of cut scenes that can’t be skipped, which eventually became pretty annoying to sit through.





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