Review of Proporta’s iPhone 4/4S Mizu Shell

Proporta’s “Mizu Shell” for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S offers solid protection at a low price and simple design. The hard silicone case is clear with a design that fits snuggly around the device, but retains access to all ports including the volume buttons and 30-pin dock connector. The power button is covered by the case and the speaker grills at the bottom are cut open. The mute switch is also cut open and easily accessible.

Proporta gives instructions on how to install the case properly, but the hard silicone material is harder to stretch than you think. Getting one side of the device on was easy, but the other side definitely took some time and patience to get on properly. In addition, we immediately noticed after putting the case on that the power button at the top of the iPhone was being pushed on much more easily (the case’s thickness made it easier to click the button). This could prove to be an issue during daily usage because it’s now much more easier to accidentally hit the power button and turn on/off the iPhone.

The case seems to hold up well during drop tests. The front side of the device is covered by a tiny lip of the case, but just enough so that if you drop your phone, it won’t land directly on the display. The back of the device is completely covered by the case, so there shouldn’t be any issue there from short distance drops.

If you’re looking to trade functionality (power button issue) for good looks and a strong case, the Proporta’s Mizu Shell for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S could be for you. The case costs $19.95.





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