Apple and Samsung executives fail to reach settlement, result in jury’s hands

According to a report from CNET, Apple and Samsung executives failed to reach a settlement today that would end a year-long lawsuit. Judge Lucy Koh asked Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEOб═Kwon Oh Hyun to have one final phone conversation to reach an agreement, but no settlement was made today. Now, the lawsuit’s result is in the hands of the jury.

After closing arguments are made by both sides, the jury will be given aб═100-page deliberation instruction document, which will take a few hours to read through. After that, the jury will be given aб═21-page tentative verdict where each juror must decide which device infringes upon specific patents. Unfortunately, the judge believes that the document will confuse jurors. Finally, the jury will need to decide on possible damages for both sides, which could range from the millions to billions of dollars.

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