Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds meeting with employees following stock hitting all-time low

According to a report fromб═The Wall Street Journal, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg held an internal meeting with employees last month where he told them that it could be “painful” to watch the company’s stock continue to lose value. “The meeting was part of a new effort over recent weeks to buck up morale,” according to the report.

During a question-and-answer session after Mr. Zuckerberg’s speech, one employee asked the CEO if employees are now allowed to talk about the stock price, according to the person familiar with the meeting. Yes, said Mr. Zuckerberg. People should feel comfortable talking about it, he said, but the price shouldn’t be the focus.

Facebook’s stock has been on a steady decline since it hit the NASDAQ back in May of this year. It’s at nearly 50% less in value than the initial public offering price.