Apple vs. Samsung: Google saw tablet prototypes from Samsung, knew they resembled iPad

According toб═AllThingsD, Apple earlier this week submitted as evidence in its lawsuit against Samsung a document and email that contains details of a meeting between Samsung and Google executives. The documents shows that Samsung previewed its Galaxy Tab 10.1 (noted as the “P3″ in the documents) and Galaxy Tab (noted as the “P1″) to Google before release. Google executives apparently told Samsung that the tablets resemble Apple’s iPad too closely, and they should redesign before releasing them to the public.

“Google is demanding distinguishable design vis-ц═-vis the iPad for the P3 (the original 10-inch Galaxy Tab),” Samsung wrote in a Feb. 22, 2010, email summarizing a meeting with Google.

“Since it is too similar to Apple, make it noticeably different, starting with the front side,Б─² Kim wrote. Б─°Please give a lot of thought, particularly to landscape Orientation.”

Apple is claiming that Samsung knew of the resemblance, but continued to release the tablet anyways.

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