[UPDATE] Voice recorder app sneaks Internet tethering into App Store (again)

Just as a few others before it, a new app called “DiscoRecorder” has been released into the iOS App Store for $1.99 that has a secret functionality: the ability to tether your iPhone’s data for use on a computer. The app sneaks itself in as a voice recorder, but if users follow specific steps, they’ll be able to use the app as a way to tether without paying a monthly fee to their carrier. We don’t expect the app to be in the App Store much longer, so if you’re willingб═to give this a try, act quickly!

9to5Macб═has the steps on how to get it working:

  1. Create a new network on your Mac.
  2. Name it adhoc
  3. Connect your iPhone to it
  4. Find the IP address of the adhoc network by pressing the blue right arrow next to the network name in iPhone settings
  5. Go back to your Mac, go to Network Preferences
  6. Click WiFi on the left
  7. Click Advanced on the bottom
  8. Click Proxies on the top bar
  9. Click to enable Б─°Web ProxyБ─²
  10. Type in the IP address we found earlier under Web Proxy Server. Type in 6667 in the field to the right
  11. Type in the same IP under SOCKS Proxy. Type in 6668 in the field to the right. DonБ─≥t check the SOCKS Proxy box.
  12. Click OK and then Apply.
  13. Open the DiscoRecorder app on your iPhone
  14. Make a quick recording.
  15. Rename the recording toб═PearSauce269.aac (case sensitive)
  16. Click the WiFi button right below in the app. And done. It may take a re-launch of the app to work.

UPDATE: Apple has removed the app from the App Store as expected.

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IAT-CommunityManager moderator

It would be helpful if Apple would stop removing these from the App Store! :)