Research in Motion wins appeal in patent suit, won’t have to pay $147 million

Following the news back in July that Research in Motion (RIM) was found guilty of infringing upon patents owned byб═Mformation, the BlackBerry maker announced today that it has won an appeal and will not have to pay the $147.2 million in damages. RIM explains thatб═Mformation has the ability to appeal the ruling back, but in this case, the trial phase would start over with a new jury.

After considering motions presented by both parties, as well as the jury verdict (which was announced by RIM on July 14, 2012), the Judge determined that RIM had not infringed on MformationБ─≥s patent. In granting RIMБ─≥s motion, the Judge also vacated the $147.2 million jury award, which means that RIM is not required to make any payment to Mformation. Mformation has the right to appeal the JudgeБ─≥s ruling; however if Mformation successfully appeals the ruling, the jury verdict would not be reinstated and instead a new trial would occur.