Welcome to the new It’s All Tech

Things probably look a little different to you around It’s All Tech this morning (and by a little, we actually mean a lot). It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the new It’s All Tech. We’ve been waiting to show you what we’re calling the “It’s All Tech Triton” redesign for months now and the time has come. What you’re seeing right now is the result of nearly six-and-a-half months of rewriting code, rewriting backends, and building new features. What do you think?

Triton introduces our cleanest page design ever. We’ve removed the clutter so that the first thing you notice on the page is the content, and that’s the only thing you’ll notice. Simplified and condensed navigation will allow you to find what you’re searching for even faster. Any category pages will begin with a “~б═so you’ll know right away. All story titles will now look exactly the same throughout It’s All Tech, and the same goes for page headers. You’ll immediately know what’s going on by glancing at the page.

We’re also introducing a redesigned mobile website with a similar design to Triton. We believe that space is everything on a small screen. That’s why we removed all advertisements from the new mobile version of It’s All Tech, so the only thing on the screen is content.

We ask that you take a minute to look around and let us know what you think in the comments below!