Review of “iCookbook” for iOS

We first previewed “iCookbook” for iOS (App Store link), a voice-based recipe finder and sharer, earlier this month. We’ve since had the chance to use the app and be able to test some of its features and capabilities. iCookbookб═allows users to find thousands of recipes byб═theme, ingredient, brand name, and user rating. The app allows for voice-based input as well to simply the process when actually cooking.


The app contains a wide variety of recipe choices, ranging from appetizers to desserts. Each recipe contains average ratings, time to cook, and a specific theme that it belongs to. In addition, the recipes include detailed ingredient information and difficulty to make. Recipes in the app can be shared on Facebook or emailed to friends. They can also be saved to your “Recipe Box,” which contains favorite recipes or to the “Meal Builder.”

The amount of recipes included in the app seems to be enough to satisfy most people. Those looking to mix things up every few days will be able to with iCookbook.

User interface

The user interface of iCookbook is designed to look like a cooking surface. While the app can be slow at times, it seems to function pretty well for its feature offerings. Recipes are organized by group and recipe discovery is relatively easy by accessing a menu. iCookbook also includes a set of tools, including unit conversions, a shopping list, and how-to videos. In addition, the app comes with support for timers and a substitutions list for those looking to change some ingredients. Shaking the device will randomly refresh the recipes listed in the app.


The amount of features integrated into iCookbook helps the app appeal to more types of cooks and chefs. The tools, including the timer and unit conversions, can be used in both restaurant kitchens and at home. The user ratings included with every recipe allows others to see what people think about the food, and whether you should give it a try for yourself. Every recipe also includes a picture of what’s being cooked, giving people an idea of the outcome.



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