Report: Apple to introduce new app usage tracking tool for iOS developers

Following last year’s announcement that Apple would work to eliminate developer access to UDIDs (“Unique Device Identifier”), The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is planning to introduce a new tool to developers that would allow them to track usage of their apps. A UDID is a 40-character long value that every iOS device has, and it identifies that specific device. In the past, developers had access to these UDIDs for app usage tracking purposes, but it also reveals users’ other movements through third-party apps.

WSJб═doesn’t give a lot of information on what this new tool will be or how it will work, but with Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicking off in a little more than one day, we could see an announcement very soon.

Apple Inc. is planning to release a new way for mobile app developers to track who uses their software, according to people briefed on Apple’s plans, the company’s latest attempt to balance developers’ appetite for targeting data with consumers’ unease over how it is used.

The new tool, which could be detailed in the coming weeks, aims to better protect user privacy than existing approaches, these people said.