Google Drive interface leaked in presentation by Google employee; to replace Google Docs?

The past several days have been filled with rumors regarding “Google Drive,” a long-awaited and heavily rumored cloud service from Google that would essentially allow users to place their files onto the cloud, and access them from any Internet connected device. Recent rumors claim that the service could be launching as soon as next week, and offer users with 5 GB of free storage space.

Today, Mashableб═posted a picture it obtained from a person in Brazil who was present at a keynote being given by a Google employee. The report says that the employee accessed his presentation from Google Drive, as seen by the highlighted “Drive” text in the Google toolbar. The Drive text resides in between “Calendar” and “Sites” on the Google Bar, and it should be noted that this is in the same area where the current “Documents” link is. This has led to speculation that Google will be removing Docs as a separate service and integrating it into Drive, but it should be noted that the URL seen in the picture taken still points to a address.

Б─°Some friends and I were watching a seminar with a Google employee called Joцёo Itaqui (Google Enterprise director in Brazil) here atб═Universidade Feevaleб═(Feevale University) in Novo Hamburgo, RS Б─■ Brazil when we noticed he had an option called Б─°DriveБ─² in his Google toolbar.Б─² says Moschetta. Б─°I think he, as a senior employee, has early access to Google Drive before public announcement or release.Б─²

We’ll keep you posted with any further developments.