Monthly Archives: March 2012

Netflix acquires domain

According to Domain Name Wire, Netflix has officially acquired the domain name Redirecting toб═, the purchase may show customers that Netflix is still interested in providing DVD rental services, something that the company has been pushing customers away from doing over...
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Facebook developing improved search engine?

According to a report from Bloomberg, nearly two dozen Facebook employees have recently been working on an improved search engine for the social network that focuses on utilizing the massive amount of content that users generate each day. The project, which is led by former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen, is designed to make finding...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Foxconn facility in China

Continuing on his trip across China, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted visiting Foxconn's new iPhone manafacturing facility inб═Zhengzhou. This news comes amidst Apple trying to improve working conditions at severalб═Foxconn over the past several months. The company has even asked...
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Google Drive cloud storage coming in April?

Google's rumored online storage service may finally see the public as soon as next week according to a report from Gigaom. The serviced is said he be called Google Drive, or GDrive.
I am toldб═the big day is sometime during the first week of April 2012. Google, of course is not talking. A spokesperson...
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Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling resigns

Infinity Ward's "Creative Strategist," Robert Bowling, announced via his Twitter account earlier this afternoon that he will be resigning from his positions at both Infinity Ward and Activision, the developer and publisher of the popular Call of Duty video game series, respectively. While it's unknown...
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