Comcast launches “Xfinity Streampix” – competitor to Netflix

Today, Comcast announced the launch of its new video streaming service, dubbed “Xfinity Streampix,” which will be a direct competitor with Netflix and Verizon’s recently announcedб═streaming service with Redbox. Comcast says that the service is subscription-based and will allow customers to watch older movies and TV shows instantly by streaming them to TVs, mobile devices, and online platforms.

To help jumpstart the service, Comcast is partnering with the following movie studios and content providers: Disney-ABC Television Group, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Our goal is to consistently deliver greater value to our customers and to bring the best anytime, anywhere entertainment on multiple platforms. Streampix is another step moving TV Everywhere forward by giving customers access to an even greater library of popular choices to watch.

Xfinity Streampix is launching to Comcast customers this week, and will be available on devices such as the Xbox 360 and Android-powered smartphones in the “coming year.”б═The service will be bundled with a number of “Xfinity triple-play” packages, or a separateб═$4.99 per month.


I don’t know that I’d call the anemic selection of streaming content on offer here, ‘a value’. Streampix is inexpensive, sure, but the Blockbuster @Home service is what I would call a value. Ever since my employer, DISH released it, I’ve been getting unlimited streaming, a bunch of extra HD movie channels, and movie and video game rentals by mail. I’m never without options, and that’s what I’m looking for, for my entertainment dollar.

IAT-CommunityManager moderator

Very glad to see that some real competition to Netflix is on the horizon.