Report claims that Apple spent $100 million on lawsuit against HTC

According to a report from columnist Dan Lyons, Apple spent about $100 million just in its first legal filing against Taiwan-based smartphoneб═manufacturerб═HTC. Apple initially filed a patent infringement lawsuit against HTC in 2010, seeking a ban on the import of the company’s phones into the United States.б═

The report notes that the lawsuit initially began with ten patents in question, but it was eventually narrowed down to four. From those four, one patent was proved to be invalid and two others were not being infringed upon. The fourth and final patent was being infringed upon by HTC, as ruled by the International Trade Commission, but the technology in question was minor (a feature that allowed the user to click on a phone number and see a list of things to do). HTC could simply remove the feature from their phones, or figure out another way to integrate it.б═

Was that worth a $100 million, Apple?б═