Google Chrome was 2011′s biggest winner, while Internet Explorer continued free falling

Today, StatCounter released its final web browser market share results for the entire year of 2011, from January to December and the numbers shows nothing unexpected. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer began 2011 with a market-leading 46% market share, but ended (with a still market-leading) 38.65%, a drop of 7.35%. The data isn’t surprising to many considering the fact that IE has been dropping since 2010.

Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox dropped 5.41% in market share, ending another tough, hard-fought year for the company. Google Chrome, on the other hand, skyrocketed in 2011 by gaining 11.59% market share (began with 15.68% and ended with 27.27%), continuing in its takeover of usage.б═Apple’s Safari had a marginal gain, while Opera saw a small loss in usage throughout the year.

Yesterday, Microsoft posted information on the Exploring IEб═blog from Net Applications regarding statistics of its newest web browser, Internet Explorer 9, which shipped in early 2011. The data shows that IE 9 saw a pretty good year on Windows 7 in terms of usage, gaining quite a large amount of users.