Western Digital TV HD Live Media Player Review

The following article is a guest post by Kevin Moore. Kevin, who writes for online-virus-scan.org,б═started to write back in the days when he had to go to college. Since then, he realized that Internet marketing is his calling. His interest turned into a profession.

As more and more media goes digital, more and more media plays continue to emerge. As people invest more money in digital content and streaming media, they want to be sure that they aren’t stuck behind their PCs or clutching their smartphones in order to watch their favorite movies and television shows.

Western Digital was one of the first companies to respond to this growing need, and they continue to put out new products such as the Western Digital TV HD Live Media Player to meet this demand. WD seems to understand the particular needs of this segment greatly, as they were one of the first to streamline and simplify the process of linking up oneБ─≥s television set with their PC.

The Western Digital TV HD Live Media Player is one of the solutions WD has put forth to help get locally stored and streaming digital content to userБ─≥s television sets. Feature-rich and sleek, many potential customers want to know if it is indeed as good as it looks?

The Pros

The Western Digital TV HD Live Media Player supports a wide variety of video, audio and photo formats, meaning that it is able to handle quite almost anything, locally stored anywhere on your home network and via the Internet. It features full-HD with 1080p video playback.

The player itself is small and sleek, so it wonБ─≥t take up unnecessarily large amounts of space, and it wonБ─≥t be unsightly, even when paired with an external hard drive. ItБ─≥s easy to set up, as all the ports are labeled and the composite AV cables are included. Many wonБ─≥t even need directions to set this up, and once it is connected, the on-screen menus will be quite helpful. The on-screen system is very functional and easy on the eyes. The additional information and search features along with other on-screen attributes give it a one-up on the preceding model.

This WD Media Player comes with an Ethernet port located on the back of the device. This allows users to utilize a media server or a shared drive on the home network. This ability for Internet connectivity is what lets users access many online services like Netflix, Pandora and more.

The Cons

The good news is there are not many downsides to this WD Media Player. As most of the local media users will play comes from a connected USB device like an external hard drive or flash drive, there will be a slight lag between connecting and accessing the files. This may annoy some, but other users wonБ─≥t be bothered as the time lag is about the same as it would be waiting for a conventional external hard drive to get started.

The Ethernet port on the back of the device is another small strike against this Media Player. While this allows connectivity to the Internet and the home network, it allows for a wired connection. Most folks have their home computer and Internet connection in a completely different location than their television sets. This means a wireless adaptor will be necessary in order for most users to connect the media device to the home network or the web.


The Western Digital TV HD Live Media Player is another solid media player from WD. Aside from a small delay from connection to file availability and the lack of wireless capabilities, this media player is almost perfect. WD made a sure winner with this device, a good cost effective solution for anyone considering buying a media player any time soon.