Microsoft releases fourth platform preview build of Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft announced today the release of the fourth platform preview build of its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 software update. The new platform preview focuses on adding support for HTML5 technologies into the web browser.

In addition, Microsoft has provided a list for developers on what some of the technologies that they can begin integrating into websites are:

  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for safe use of XMLHttpRequest across domains.
  • File API Writer support for blobBuilder allowing manipulation of large binary objects in script in the browser.
  • Support for JavaScript typed arrays for efficient storage and manipulation of typed data.
  • CSS user-select property to control how end-users select elements in a Web page or application.
  • Support for HTML5 video text captioning, including time-code, placement, and captioning file formats.

It is important to note that this latest platform preview will only install on Windows 8, however, it’s unknown at this time whether this limitation will be lifted prior to final release.

Internet Explorer 10 is expected to be released to the public sometime next March.б═The latest platform preview of IE 10 can be downloaded from theб═Windows Developer Center