How to setup a “Now Playing” notification from iTunes directly in Mac OS X 10.7

Many Mac OS X users have probably heard about Growl – it’s a great piece of software that allows users to install extensions, which allow supported applications to display notifications on the screen. For example, if a user receives a new email, the Mail application will able to pop-up a notification on the screen saying just that.б═

Many have expected that Apple would directly integrate something similar into Mac OS X, but that has yet to happen – or has it? Mac OS X Hintsб═has discovered a “secret” (not so secret anymore) Terminal “hack” that allows users to get a pop-up notification of the “Now Playing” song in iTunes. The notification appears above the iTunes icon in the Dock when enabled.б═

At this time, it’s unknown whether Apple is testing a notification system in OS X and is beginning with iTunes, or if this is the remnants of a system that was being worked on.б═

Nonetheless, follow these steps if you’d like to enable a “Now Playing” notification for iTunes on Mac OS X:

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this tweak only works on Mac OS X 10.7 or later (a.k.a. “Lion”)

NOTE: Please quit iTunes before beginning this tweak

Step 1: Launch Terminal – it can be found in Applications>Utilities>Terminal

Step 2: Copy and paste in the following code EXACTLY as it appears below:

defaults write itunes-notifications -bool TRUE;killall Dock

Step 3: After this, open iTunes and beginning playing a track. You should notice a notification pop-up and then disappear after a few seconds. If you notice that there is no iTunes icon on the notification, enter Terminal once again and copy and paste the following EXACTLY as it appears:

defaults write notification-always-show-image -bool TRUE;killall Dock

That’s it! You should now have a working iTunes “Now Playing” notification directly from Mac OS X!


Not working on Mountain Lion ! :|

itsalltech moderator

 @Omidx It doesn't work anymore because Apple introduced a dedicated Notification Center in Mountain Lion.