The iPod is 10 years old today

Ten years ago today, October 23, the late Steve Jobs took the stage and announced the first iPod ever. Jobs described the 5 GB MP3 player as “1,000 songs in your pocket” and new that it would revolutionize the way everyone listens to music.

The iPod was by no means the first portable MP3 player in the market. As Jobs says, companies like Sony had one for years, but they couldn’t find the right “recipe.”

Since its introduced in 2003, the iPod has expanded into several new devices: the iPod shuffle, the iPod nano, the iPod touch, and the iPod classic, which is the only iPod to look somewhat similar to the first one. The iPod also sparked Apple to develop products like the iPhone and iPad.

From It’s All Tech to you, iPod, happy birthday!

You can re-live Jobs’ announcement of the iPod below: