How to hide the Reading List icon in Safari 5.1

Mac OS X Lion included an update to Safari, version 5.1, that included several new features. One of the new features is called “Reading List.” Reading List allows you to save pages that you’d like to read later – it’s very similar to bookmarking a website. And for that very reason, many users of OS X Lion and Safari 5.1 don’t like Reading List.

Thankfully, Apple has included a very simple setting to hide Reading List’s icon in the Safari toolbar. Follow these steps to do just that:

Step 1: Launch Safari (located in the Applications folder)

Step 2: Click the Safari menu and enter the preferences for the app. Alternatively, you can hold the Command key with the comma key and the preferences window will pop up.

Step 3: Click on the “Bookmarks” tab in the preferences window. Find the checkbox that reads “Include Reading List” and simply uncheck it.б═

That’s it! Close the preferences window and you should notice that the Reading List icon is now gone in the Safari toolbar. Keep in mind that you’re not disabling Reading List altogether, just hiding the icon so you can’t access it.