[UPDATE: NOTES] Apple seeds iOS 5 beta 4 to developers: first OTA update

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of iOS 5 to registered developers. The build number is listed as 9A5274d. In addition, Apple seeded iTunes 10.5 beta 4 to developers, which is required to install the new beta build.

This build can be installed using the new over-the-air upgrade feature.


UPDATE: Notes and changes:

  • The OTA update feature doesn’t appear to be working yet – you see an error when checking for updates. We’re going to continue to wait and try as we’d like to use this update method
  • Wireless syncing as been enabled for Windows users in this beta
  • And we’re downloading!
  • OTA updates begin downloading automatically, but require acceptance before installing. In addition, OTA updates work over 3G
  • We’re still on the less than one minute remaining point. Sorry about this delay
  • The update has installed and verified. We’re restarting right now
  • Apple now says that switching to Wi-Fi (over 3G) will improve location tracking
  • Usage section in Settings: Cellular data is now in its own separate section
  • Voice Roaming on/off, first added in beta 3, has been removed
  • New “Documents and Data” section in iCloud settings:
  • Just from some quick browsing, we noticed that this build is much more stable and faster than beta 3. Many issues have been addressed
  • Opening the camera from the lockscreen works significantly faster now
  • Those are the most evident changes. It seems as though this update was more of a test of OTA, as well as addressing bugs. We’ll continue to update this post with changes (if there are any more).
  • Our final note for right now: there are a few new bugs in this release, especially with how lockscreen notifications display.
  • The new way to expand Notification Center in full screen apps (double swipe down) has been expanded toб═more apps.
  • More notes on OTA updates: the Settings app will have a badge if there is an update available; OTA updates work on either Wi-Fi or 3G; jailbroken devices can’t use OTA updates (or at least not yet)б═


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