T-Mobile unveils unlimited data plans

Good news to all T-Mobile users and also to those who managed to unlock iPhones as T-Mobile USA said it will begin offering unlimited data services plans from July 24th.

According to theб═press release from T-Mobile, this new plan would be more valuable and affordable than ever. T-Mobile said the plans offer single-line and multi-line options with flexible pricing plans for talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data with 2 GB, 5 GB, or 10 GB of high-speed data — with no data overage charges.

AT&T stopped offering unlimited data services last year and Verizon Wireless stopped offering unlimited plans earlier in the month of July. T-MobileБ─≥s decision of introducing unlimited data plan seems like a nice move to attract customers from its rivals.

T-Mobile also reported that apart from this unlimited data plan, it is also offering a robust lineup of mobile broadband service options under both the new Value and Classic plans.

Now unlocking your iPhone has a new meaning. Would you prefer shifting to T-Mobile for making use of its unlimited data plan? Do you think AT&T and Verizon will be forced to follow T-MobileБ─≥s decision?

IAT-CommunityManager moderator

Sadly, I think the days of TRUE unlimited data are over, but this is a nice move from TMobile and it may draw in some customers for the time being. We will see how things change if/when TMobile and AT&T merge.