Apple: Some customers are buying an iPad over a Mac; many are buying an iPad over a Windows PC

During the Q&A session of Apple’s financial earnings call for the third fiscal quarter of 2011, the company was asked about possibleб═cannibalization to Mac sales from iPad sales. The topic ofб═cannibalization isn’t anything new to Apple – the company has been asked about it every single conference call since the iPad was announced last year. However, this time Apple gave more insight of what it has been finding out from retail store stats.б═

The Cupertino-based company finally revealed that some customers in retail stores are purchasing an iPad over a Mac notebook or desktop. However, that number of people is low. To add on to that statement, Apple said that many of its customers are buying an iPad over a Windows PC, something that we’re hearing for the first time.

Apple continues to say that the Mac offers different features than the iPad does and that it will continue to sell many units. Apple sold 3.95 million Macs and 9.25 million iPads this past quarter.б═