ITC: HTC infringed upon two of Apple’s patents

Last year, Apple filed a lawsuit against Taiwan-basedб═manufacturerб═HTC, claiming HTC infringed upon several of its patents. HTC then filed a counter-lawsuit against Apple, requesting all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches to stop being sold in the U.S. Earlier this week, Apple filed another request from the court, asking to block the sale of several HTC devicesб═in the U.S. HTC responded to that by telling Apple to stop suing companies and to compete fairly in the market instead.б═

Yesterday, the International Tradeб═Commission (ITC) initially ruled that HTC has violated two of Apple’s patents, saysб═CNET. The entire lawsuit involves ten patents and if the final ruling stands as it looks like it may, the HTC devices that infringe on these patents may not be able to be imported into the U.S. Apple only needs one patent to be violated for that decision to be made.б═

However, HTC says that it willб═definitelyб═appeal the ruling from yesterday: “HTC will vigorously fight these two remaining patents through an appeal before the ITC commissioners who make the final decision,” said Grace Lei, general counsel.

If this decision does stand, and devices are blocked from import into the U.S., there’s no doubt that Android lovers will be upset and Apple will be able to sleep a little easier at night.б═

What do you think about all this?б═



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