Apple moving from Samsung to Taiwan’s Б─°TSMCБ─² chip manufacturer to test its A6 Processor

According to Reuters, TaiwanБ─≥s TSMC has started testing the next-generation A6 processor chip for Apple. Apple has indicated its plans to diversify its supply chain from Samsung, which so far is the sole supplier of the A5 chips that is used in iPad 2.

TSMC has gotten the authorization to test the A6 processors. Whether TSMC will actually get the order from Apple is yet to be seen as it depends on the Б─°YieldБ─² rate of TSMC. AppleБ─≥s decision to diversify its supply chain might be w result of the legal battle which is going on for several months now with Samsung.

This news has nothing to do with the release of iPhone 5 (reportedly coming September), as the iPhone 5 will still be powered with A5 chips. A6 processors, which may not called Б─°A6,Б─² are expected to debut somewhere in 2012. The A6, in that case, may power the third-generation iPad.

ItБ─≥s not going to be easy for Apple to just change its chip provider overnight as the chipset itself might have to be redesigned and thatБ─≥s where Samsung has got deep roots with Apple. Samsung would definitely consider working with Apple as it would not want to lose its deal with one of the world’s top technology companies.