Windows loses market share as Microsoft starts asking people and companies to retire Windows XP

According to data released by analytics company Net Applications, Microsoft’s Windows OS has lost yet another chunk of market share in June 2011 from May 2011, while Apple’s Mac OS X and iOS both gained. In May 2011, Windows (all versionsб═collectively) controlled 88.69% of the OS market. In June 2011, Windows had 88.29% market share, which is equivalent to a 0.4% drop. In addition, at the end of 2010, Windows controlled 91.34% of the OS market, around a 3% drop in total.б═

On the other hand, Mac OS X gained 0.05% market share from May 2011 to June 2011 and iOS increased by 0.25% in the same timeframe. All these numbers confirm one thing that has been on everybody’s mind for the past few years: Windows is slowly, but surely losing market share. With that said, there’s no doubt Windows will continue to hold the lead for quite sometime, but people are beginning to slowly switch to other platforms (whatever the reason may be).б═

This news comes just a day after Microsoft posted a plea asking people and companies to retire the aging Windows XP as support for the ten-year old OS is ending in less than 1000 days. Microsoft gives two reasons for why companies and people at home should plan to drop Windows XP very soon:

  • Support is ending in less than 1000 days
  • “ThereБ─≥s an OS out there thatБ─≥s much better than Windows XP” (referring to Windows 7)

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will halt all security patches and updates for XP, meaning that any un-patched or new vulnerabilities that pop up won’t be addressed. In addition, many third-party companies that build applications are going to be removing support for Windows XP to advance development for newer OS’.б═

Finally, Microsoft gave a statistic that claims the companies that do not begin their Windows 7 rollout by early 2012 will not complete it by 2014. Companies like Boeing,б═InfoSys,б═Dell,б═Purdue University,б═Samsung,б═Royal Mail Group, andб═BMWб═have already made the switch to Windows 7.б═

Have you recently switched away from Windows to another platform? Are you still running on Windows XP? What’s the reason if you are? Let us know in the comments below.



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