Facebook getting into a Music Service?

Facebook launched its Skype-powered video chat service on Wednesday, and it seems like Facebook is also having some thought about releasing a music service. According to post on Mashable, Eagle eyed software engineer and researcher Jeff Rose found something interesting when he was downloading and installing a program on his desktop, which is first step for getting onto one-one video communication. Jeff Rose found that the installer supports two functions, one is called Б─°peepБ─² which is related to the video chat client, and the second one is called Б─°vibesБ─² which could be the music app. This could be something like iTunes for Facebook.

The code which caught the eye of the engineer is:

if (paramString.equals(“com.facebook.peep”))
return this.window.getMember(“VideoChatPlugin”);
if (paramString.equals(“com.facebook.vibes”)) {
return this.window.getMember(“MusicDownloadDialog”);

Facebook might hold another event shortly and release this music service or this code might mean nothing.

What do you think Facebook is up to?



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