Sony preparing to launch PlayStation 4 in 2012?

According to a report from DigiTimes, Sony is planning to release the fourth-generation PlayStation game console to the public in 2012, while production of the PS4 would likely begin in late 2011. Sony is planning to ship at least 20 million units, says the report.

DigiTimes claims that the major selling point of the PlayStation 4 will be its ability to track body motions during use, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect system for the Xbox 360. б═

Sony’s current gaming console, the PlayStation 3, was first released to the public in 2006, but has received minor updates since then. The PlayStation brand was originally introduced by Sony back in 1994 and didn’t see a great deal of success when it first launched. However, it later became the first game console to ship 100 million units.б═