How to encrypt your iOS device backups in iTunes

With the report coming out earlier today that the iPhone and iPad track users’ locations without them knowing it, many users have begun worrying that there location information may be available to anyone who has access to their device or device backups. One tip that many have begun giving is to encrypt your iOS device backups in iTunes so anyone who wants to access the file that stores location information needs a password to do so.

Here’s how to setup backup encryption for iOS devices in iTunes:

Step 1: Plug your device into your computer via a USB cable. If iTunes does not automatically open, manually open it.

Step 2: If your device automatically begins to sync, allow it to do so. If it doesn’t, continue to the next step.

Step 3: Click on your iOS device in the sidebar on the left in iTunes. Make sure you are on the “Summary” section.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom until you see a section titled “Options.” From there, find an option that says “Encrypt iPhone backup.” This may be somewhat different from device to device, but the general text is the same.

Step 5: Click the check box next to Encrypt iPhone backup and enter a password you’d like to use. DO NOT FORGET THIS PASSWORD!

Step 6: Click the “Set Password” button and let iTunes and your device do its thing. Once it’s done, your backups will be encrypted and if someone wants to use them, they’ll need that password you entered in step 5.

That’s it!



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