How to set a wallpaper on the home screen (iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation)

So, you’ve updated your iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2ndб═generation to iOS 4 and really want a wallpaper on your home screen (something Apple claims is not supported on that hardware). Turns out Apple’s wrong.

We’ve showed you how to enable home screen wallpapers using Apple’sб═implementation, but several users (including us) have noticed that when using Apple’s home screen wallpaper method on the iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2ndб═generation, the device becomes slow and lags on everything. You can see this mostly on opening and closing applications (the animations are horrible). Thankfully, if you areб═experiencingб═this, but still want to have a wallpaper on your home screen, there’s another solution.

NOTE: You must have a jailbroken device for this to work. You must also have WinterBoard installed via Cydia for this to work.

NOTE: It’s All Tech is not responsible for any damage or data loss to your device.

Step 1: Launch WinterBoard. Then, click the box that says Select Themes.

Step 2: From there, tap the option that says User Wallpaper. Make sure there is a check mark next to it.

Step 3: Close WinterBoard and allow the device to Respring.

Side note: When the device will Respring, you won’t notice any difference (there will be no wallpaper). At this time, WinterBoard is not fully compatible with iOS 4, and user wallpapers is one of the things still not working. Once the developer updates WinterBoard, you won’t have to do the following steps to get a wallpaper working.

Step 4: You will need to install another application, OpenSSH, from Cydia (just search for it).

Step 5: After you install that, go into the Settings app>Tap Wi-Fi>Find your wireless network and click the blue arrow next to it. Then, find the IP Address (first item) and make note of it. VERY IMPORTANT for later!

  • At this point, you need to make sure your computer and iPhone 3G/iPod touch 2ndб═generation are connected to the same wireless network

Step 6: On your computer, launch your favorite FTPб═application. On Mac, it is good to use CyberDuck and on Windows, a good one is FileZilla.

Step 7: After you launch the FTP application, create a new connection with the following settings:

  • SFTP as the file transfer type
  • The server should be the IP Address from your device (that you found earlier)
  • The port number should remain the default
  • The username is root
  • The password is alpine

Step 8: After you are connected to your device, navigate to the following directory: /Library/Themes/User Wallpaper.theme

Step 9: There should be a folder (or file in some cases) inside that folder called Wallpaper.png. Delete this folder/file

Step 10: Find the wallpaper that you would like to use as your background on your home screen. Be sure that it is in .PNG format and has the following title: Wallpaper (the capital “W” is very important als0).

Step 11: Drag your wallpaper file into the directory listed above and restart your device.

That should be it. Once you restart your device and unlock it, you should notice that a wallpaper now greets you on your home screen and there shouldn’t be any performance drop either (yay!).

Apple master
Apple master

Download ztoggle from cydea if ur device is a jailbroken one .there u can do a lot things


I don't have the folder Themes in the Library folder. Do I have to create that folder?



thanks man this really does work on a 2g




I can't change to "user wallpaper" on my 3GS. Can I use this method as well?

itsalltech moderator

Hi. It should be automatically created once you install WinterBoard


Could you please expand on what you mean by "change to 'user wallpaper'"?


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